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Summer Seminar 1997

Summer Seminar 1997

Academic Freedom and the Catholic University

Summer Seminar 1997

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Reverend Dennis Dease

Peter Ryan, S.J.

Recommended Readings

The Freedom to Learn: Adult Students in the Catholic University
Bonney C. Bielen

Academic Freedom and the Catholic University: Reflections of a Reform Jewish Faculty Member (Or-What's a 'Nice Jewish Boy' Doing in a Place Like This?")
Jay A. Erstling

Academic Freedom in a Catholic University—In Search for Safety
W Randolph Herman

Academic Freedom and the Catholic University
Michael Hollerich

Random Reflections of a Resolute Runner
Sharon M. Howell, C.S.J.

Ex corde Ecclesiae
, Canon 812, and the Academic Freedom of Theologians in a Catholic University
David Hunter

Freedom as a Fundamental Value in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition
Michael C. Jordan

What is Academic Freedom?
Kenneth W Kemp

Assessing the Threat to Academic Freedom in the Catholic University
William Kinney

Dialogues of Discovery: Academic Freedom in a Catholic University
Pauline Lambert

Academic Freedom in the Classroom
Norman W Larson

Catholic Teacher Educator or Teacher Educator Who Is Catholic? Teacher Preparation in a Catholic University
Kristine Melloy

Catholic Theology and Academic Freedom
Terence L. Nichols

Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the Work of Student Affairs
Anna A. Otto

Women's Centers as Unruly Places
Brenda J. Powell

The Importance of a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Student Group at a Catholic University
Robert Riley

In Search of Community
Alan Sickbert

Reflections on the Seminar
Michael P Sullivan

Is Orthodoxy a Pall?: Can Two Differing Traditions of Truth-Searching Ever Be Reconciled? And, Is the University of St. Thomas a Suitable Place for this Reconciliation Attempt?
Robert Bowen Wellisch