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Summer Seminar 1994

Summer Seminar 1994

The Idea of a Catholic University

Summer Seminar 1994 

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Rev. Dennis Dease

Rev. Brian E. Daley, S.J.

Participants and Suggested Readings

The Idea of the Catholic University

The Catholic University as a Source of Integrity
Michael C. Jordan

Values and the Identity of the Catholic University 
William Delehanty

What Makes a University Catholic?
Gregory J. Coulter

A Paradox in a Good Question
Jeanne Buckeye

The Idea of a Catholic University
Noreen M. Carrocci

Greater Than the Sum of Its Parts: What Makes a Catholic University Catholic?
Catherine Cory

Essay on the Idea of the Catholic University
Brenda Stewart

Academic Freedom in the Catholic University

Teaching Sociology in the Catholic University: Conflict, Compromise, and the Role of Academic Freedom
William J. Kinney

Authoritarianism vs. Christian Liberty: The Peril and Promise of the Catholic University
John D. Kronen

The University of St. Thomas' Statement Regarding the Addressing of Controversial Issues Within the Framework of the Idea of the Catholic University
Norman W. Larson

The Disciplines and the Catholic University

Graduate Business Education in the CatholicUniversity
Raymond MacKenzie

Well-Kept Secret: The Rightful Place of Social Work in Catholic Higher Education
 Barbara W. Shank

The Idea of a Social Work Department Within a Catholic University
Serene Thornton

The Arts in a Catholic University
Merritt C. Nequette

 The Call to Spirituality and Justice in the Catholic University

"By Their Fruits You Shall Know Them"
Joe Schramer

On Life Within a Catholic University
Sister Sharon Howell, C.S.J.

"...these essays will be of considerable help to all who wish to acquire a deeper understanding of the nature and value of a Catholic university,
its history, its opportunities, and its challenges as it strives to keep its identity vital into the next century."
       -Rev. Dennis Dease