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Logos Volume 2:3

Logos Volume 2:3

Michael C. Jordan
Sandra Menssen
Associate Editors
John F. Boyle
Thomas D. Sullivan
Managing Editor
Pamela McClanahan
Circulation Manager
Mary Kay O'Rourke


J. L. A. Garcia, Death of the (Hand)maiden: Contemporary Philosophy in Faith and Reason

Richard Rorty and John Searle, Rorty v. Searle, At Last: A Debate

G. E. M. Anscombe, Practical Truth

Thomas D. Sullivan, Assisted Suicide and Assisted Torture

William T. Cavanaugh, Absolute Moral Norms and Human Suffering: An Apocalyptic Reading of Endo's Silence

Maria Poggi Johnson, New Foes and Old Faces: Fiction, Interpretation, and Integrity in Newman and Kingsley

Kathleen Burk Henderson, Pity, Fear, and Catharsis: Purging Millennial Fever

Michael Allen Mikolajczak, "Something Understood": A Familiar Essay on Poetry, Prayer, and Helen C. White

Helen C. White, Prayer and Poetry