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Richard A. Spinello, The Enduring Relevance of Karol Wojtyła’s Philosophy

Timothy W. Burns, John Courtney Murray, Religious Liberty, and Modernity, Part II: Modern Constitutional Democracy

Francis J. Beckwith, Philosophy, Grace, and Reconciliation: Reflections of a Catholic Revert

Ryan Marr, Dinah Morris as Second Eve: The Fall and Redemption in Adam Bede

Thomas G. Guarino, St. Vincent of Lérins and the Development of Christian Doctrine

Donald L. Wallenfang, The Heart of the Matter: Edith Stein on the Substance of the Soul

Melinda Nielsen, The Christian Socrates: Autobiography and Conversion in the Consolation of Philosophy

Louis J. Rouleau, Holiness and the History of the Church in Benedict XVI’s General Audiences

Theresa M. Kenney, "God did play the child"; Robert Southwell’s "Christes childhood"

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