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Logos Volume 10:1

Logos Volume 10:1

Logos 10-1 Cover
Michael C. Jordan
Associate Editors
John F. Boyle
David Paul Deavel
Managing Editor
Kathleen M. Keller
Circulation Manager
Mary Kay O'Rourke


Philip McDonagh, The United of Love: Reflections on the First Encyclical of Pope Benedict XVI

Nancy Enright, Dante's Divine Comedy, Augustine's Confessions, and the Redemption of Beauty

Travis Curtright, Shakespearean Personalism

Leonard D. G. Ferry, Floors Without Foundations: Ignatieff and Rorty on Human Rights

Andrei Gotia, God's Image: The Betrayer and the Betrayed in Graham Greene's The Power and the Glory

David Paul Deavel, An Odd Couple? A First Glance at Chesterton and Newman

Michael D. Beaty, Douglas V. Henry, and Scott H. Moore, Protestant Free Church Christians and Gaudium et Spes