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Higher Calling Lecture Series

Higher Calling Lecture Series

“Higher Calling” Series

Sponsored by the Veritas Institute of the Opus College of Business, the John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought and the Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership of the Center for Catholic Studies.

The Challenges of Integrating Faith and Work in Business

February 15, 2012
Ed Mosel
Kyle Smith

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Using the newly published book, Leading Wisely in Difficult Times: Three Cases of Faith and Business (by Michael Naughton and David Specht) as a springboard for discussion, this event features Ed Mosel (former Chief Operating Officer of Stoneridge Inc.) and Kyle Smith (President and CEO of Reell Precision Manufacturing Corp. in St. Paul).  Mr. Mosel and Mr. Smith, whose companies are featured in the book Leading Wisely in Difficult Times, discuss the practical difficulties and opportunities of how they navigated their companies through times of crisis and the role their faith played in such difficult decisions.  Dr. Jeanne Buckeye, professor of ethics and business law at the University of St. Thomas’ Opus College of Business and a fellow of the John A Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought gives her response as well.

Maintaining a Catholic Identity in a Secular World

September 27, 2010
William Brinkman, vice president of formation for Ascension Health

Assension Health is the largest Catholic, nonprofit health care system in the U.S. Brinkman speaks about the formative programs for upper management professionals at Assension Health.

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The Higher Calling of the Entrepreneur

November 17, 2009
José Ignacio Mariscal Torroella, president of UNIPAC International

Mariscal offers his insight into the intersection of international business, corporate responsibility and Christian social thought.

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