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Living Communities

Living Communities

Living Communities

The University of St. Thomas is enriched by the presence of Catholic 'living communities.' Three on-campus Women's Houses and one off-campus Men's house offer an example of a faith-filled communal living experience.

These student communities are expected to create a pattern of life together, centered upon the Catholic faith, which includes liturgical life, community dinners, household meetings, and personal prayer. 

Castel Milano
One of the Catholic Studies' Women's Houses

An application for the Women's Houses is currently available. The Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Help (Women's house) has a rule of life which the women of the houses paritcipate in and follow.

Residents of the Men's House are required to enroll in the Fraternity of St. Michael, a brotherhood of lay men aspiring to the same ideals of charity, fraternity, study, and prayer.

An application to enter the Fraternity of St. Michael is currently available

In addition, the other option for Catholic community living at St. Thomas are the Catholic Men's and Women's Floors. Students (mostly freshman and sophomores) model a distinctly Catholic life within the college dormitories. More Information: Residence Life - Student Housing Options

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