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The Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Help


The Catholic Studies Women’s Houses are Christian communities of women who are seeking Christ though a life of prayer, scholarship, sisterhood and self-giving.  Together the members of both households constitute the Sisterhood of Our Lady of Good Help.  We share a common rule of life which includes Mass and personal prayer, weekly household/sisterhood dinners, study, and hospitality to others.  Through this common life, we hope to be more deeply conformed to the image of Christ.  In this effort we depend on the intercession of our patrons: Our Lady of Good Help, St. Gianna Molla and St. Margaret Mary.


Women who are considering application to the Catholic Studies Women’s House should read the following questions carefully and reflect on them prayerfully.  The life of the Women’s House requires a significant commitment, both of time and of self.  The houses can only flourish to the degree that each member is engaged in the common life.  We rely on the Lord to guide those whom He wills to the Sisterhood, and so we will be praying along with you in your discernment.


Mrs. Kristen Grant is the Women's House Chaplain.


Some questions to ask yourself as you consider this commitment:


Am I able to make space in my life -- both in my schedule and in my relationships – to give myself to the life of the Women’s House in a meaningful way?  Am I willing, if necessary, to reduce the time spent on current activities and relationships in order to do so?


Do I feel called to share my life with housemates whom I have not chosen, some of whom are now strangers to me?  How will I respond to the differences of personality, tastes and habits which I will encounter?


Am I willing to submit to a common rule of life, including commitments to Mass attendance, daily prayer, and weekly household/sisterhood dinners?  



Women's Catholic Studies Housing Application
DUE Monday, February 24th, 2014



UST Mail #:                                          



E-mail address:___________________________________________________________

Permanent Address: ________________________________________________________

City:                                                     ________  State:                   Zip:_____________

 Expected month and year of Graduation:__________________________________

Year at UST:              Freshman              Sophomore          _      Junior       _      Senior

 Major field(s) of study:____________________________________________________ 

Credits enrolled per semester:              ____________

List any other commitments, employment, internships, and extracurricular activities you plan to be involved with next year and approximate time commitments:










Personal Essay: 

Write an essay (no more than two pages double-spaced) in which you explain (1) why you would like to be in the Catholic Studies Women's House and (2) how you think you will both benefit from and contribute to such a living situation.


Current Students: Please send the Faculty Recommendation form to a faculty member for completion as well. 

Incoming freshmen: Please secure a recommendation from someone (especially a teacher, mentor, or faith formator) who can speak to your personal character and to your involvement with your Catholic faith.

Women: Please return this form, the personal essay, and a completed recommendation to Laura Stierman by February 24th, 2014.  Thank you.

Mrs. Laura Stierman, M.A. Theology
Habiger Institute for Catholic Leadership
Center Catholic Studies
Sitzmann Hall,  University of St. Thomas
2115 Summit Avenue, Mail 55-S
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