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Fr. Emil Kapuan, Medal of Honor, Servant of God

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Fr. Emil Kapuan, Medal of Honor, Servant of God

Fr. John Hotze will speak on the merits of sainthood for Fr. Kapaun


Wednesday, February 26, 2014 - Wednesday, February 26, 2014

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM


OWS 150 (3M Auditorium), South Campus


Free and open to the public

On May 23, 1951, US Army Chaplain Fr. Emil Kapaun, died in a prisoner-of-war camp in North Korea. While a prisoner, he cared for sick and wounded fellow-prisoners despite his own ill health.  Eventually, a blood clot in his leg prevented him from continuing this work. He was denied medical assistance and the clot led to his own death.

On April 11, 2013, President Obama awarded Fr. Kapaun the Congressional Medal of Honor for personal acts of valor above and beyond the call of duty. He has been declared a "Servant of God" by the Roman Catholic Church and Diocese of Wichita, who together with the Congregation of the Causes of Saints at the Vatican, have begun the formal process to declare him a saint.

On Wednesday, February 26, Fr. John Hotze of the Diocese of Wichita, who has been closely involved in that process, will give a presentation entitled "Fr. Emil Kapaun, Medal of Honor, Servant of God'" at 7 p.m. in OWS 150 (3M Auditorium).