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          Preface by Kenneth Goodpaster   

Catholic Social Teaching and the Purpose of the Business Organization: A Developing Tradition
Jean-Yves Calvez and Michael Naughton

Beyond the Shareholder Model of the Firm:
Working Toward the Common Good of a Business
Helen Alford and Michael Naughton

The Virtue of Solidarity and the Purpose of the Firm
Robert Kennedy

Virtue and the Ethics of Profit Seeking
James Gordley

Competing Visions: Equity and Efficiency in the Firm
Charles Clark

The Shareholder Value Principle and the Purpose of the Firm: Limits to Shareholder Value
Peter Kozlowski

Clearing Ground: Toward a Social Ethic of Corporate Management
S. A. Cortright and Ernest Pierucci

Business Corporations and the Principle of Subsidiarity
Dennis McCann

Not Only Stakeholder Interests: The Firm Oriented Toward the Common Good
Domènec Melé

Modern Contract Theory and the Purpose of the Firm
Lee Tavis

Business as a Mediating Institution
Timothy Fort

Reengineering Ownership for the Common Good
Jeff Gates

Humane Work and the Challenge of Job Design
James Murphy and David Pyke