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Dan Finn

Wealth as Abundance and Scarcity: Perspectives from Catholic Social Thought and Economic Theory
Charles Clark

On Wealth Creation within the Catholic Social Tradition
Robert Kennedy

Catechesis of Abundance through Charism
John Haughey S.J.

Entrepreneurship in Papal Thought: Creation of Wealth and the Distribution of Justice
Frank Hannafey S.J.

Wealth Creation in the Global Economy: Human Labor and Development
Simona Beretta

Wealth and Poverty: The Preferential Option for the Poor in an Age of Affluence
Charles Clark

Inequality in Income and Wealth: When Does it Become Immoral, and Why?
Dennis P. McCann 

Wealth Distribution in Economic Discourse: Catholic Social Thought and the Individualistic Paradigm
Stefano Zamagni

Equitable Global Wealth Distribution: A Global Public Good and a Building Block for the Global Common Good
Helen Alford

The Role of “Indirect Employers” in Wage Distribution: Economic Data and Laborem exercens
Carlo Dell’Aringa/Claudio Lucifora

 Implementing Just Wages and Ownership: A Dialogue
Michael Naughton/Robert Wahlstedt

The Problem of Wealth Distribution in the Global Apparel Industry: Locating Responsibilities in the Supply Chain
Lee Tavis