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Excerpts from Foreword and Preface


From the Foreword

In this book, Michael and Helen combine the results of their theological inquiry with the experience of practitioners to make a compelling case for the integration of spiritual principles, values and insights with management theory.  As you make this integration, I believe that you will be encouraged, enlightened and affirmed, as you find more energy, more meaning and more virtue in your work.

Bob Wahlstedt, Chairman,
Reell Precision Manufacturing


From the Preface

Helen Alford and Michael Naughton provide an important contribution to an indispensable discussion in life: faith, what we believe to be true; and work, what we do.... I am indebted to their work of recovering a faith tradition which I hold to be true and to their integration of this tradition with work in which I have spent most of life.... If we want a better world, which is at the tip of our fingers, we cannot sell ourselves short on the meaning of our work and our organizations.

Jean-Loup Dherse, former CEO of the Chunnel
and former VP of the World Bank