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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Wahlstedt, Founder and Chairman of Reell Precision Manufacturing

Preface by Jean-Loup Dherse, former CEO of the Chunnel and Vice- President of the World Bank and Member of the Pontifical Council of Cor Unum.


I. Establishing the Engagement

Making Us Whole: Avoiding Split Personalities

The Purpose of Business: Working Together for the Common Good

The Virtues: Human Development in the Corporate Community

II. Making the Engagement

Job Design: Prudence and Subsidiarity in Operations

Just Wages: Justice and the Subjective Dimension of Work in Human Resources

Corporate Ownership: Temperance and Common Use in Finance

Marketing Communication and Product Development: Courage and Solidarity in Marketing

III. Sustaining the Engagement

Faith, Hope and Charity: Authentic Habits of a Christian Spirituality of Work

Liturgy: The Source and Summit of Our Work