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Business as a Calling

Business as a Calling


Interdisciplinary Essays on the Meaning of Business
From the Catholic Social Tradition



Michael Naughton and Stephanie Rumpza




 I. Business as a Calling

Introduction: Overcoming the Divided Life       

1. The Primacy of Receivement    
John Haughey S.J.

2. How Faith Makes a Difference: Business as a Calling or the Calling of Christians in Business? Johan Verstraeten

3. Casting the Nets: Managing From “Needs of the Soul”
 John Dalla Costa

4. The Entrepreneurial Calling: Perspectives from Rahner        
William J. Toth

5. What is Vocation?        
Juan L. Hinojosa       

6. Protestant and Catholic Meanings of Vocation: Is Business a True Vocation?
Gary L. Chamberlain


II. The Calling of Business

Introduction: Fostering a Community of Work

7. One Calling: Three Bottom Lines: A Practical Theology in Support of Organizational Faithfulness
David Specht and Dick Broholm

8. Implementing a Holistic Model of Organizational Life: A Case Study From the Australian Healthcare Industry
Jack Flanagan
9. Mondragón: A Paradigm of Justice and Solidarity at the Workplace
David Herrera

10. Being Providentially Situated: The Indispensable Vocation of the Corporate Whistleblower
Paul J.  Wadell

11. Towards a Statement on the Biblical Purposes of Business
Jeff Van Duzer, Randal S. Franz,  Gary L. Karns,  Tim Dearborn,  Denise Daniels and Kenman L. Wong

12. Faith in the Balance: Catholic Social Thought and the Vocation of the Accounting Profession in an Evolving Regulatory Framework
Lester A. Myers

13. Leadership, Discernment and the Elusiveness of Understanding
J. Michael Stebbins


III. Formation of Business Leaders

Introduction: Integrating Knowledge

14. Roman Catholic and Protestant Perspectives on Business as a Calling: Managerial Leadership in the Corporate Square
Regina Wentzel Wolfe and Shirley Roels

15. Crossing the Frontier to Vocational Awareness: Understanding Business Leadership as a Spiritual Calling
Andre’ L. Delbecq

16. A Pedagogical Model and Practice
Jack Ruhe and Ron Nahser

17. Creating an Integrating University Capstone for Undergraduate Entrepreneurship Students
Jeffrey Cornwall and Michael Naughton