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Pius XII: On Work and Commerce

Pius XII: On Work and Commerce


Photo taken from SHEPHERD OF SOULS: A Pictoral Life of Pope Pius XII by
Margherita Marchione.  Used with permission of Paulist Press.





Section I: 1946-1950

1 On the Problems and Dangers of Our Day
8 Discourse to the Personnel of Rome’s Tramways
11 Christian Principles of International Trade 
14 Address to the Employees of the Bank of Naples
17 On Public Finance
19 Address to the Members of the International Office of Work    
21 Address to Catholic Employers
24 Discourse to the Participants of the World Health Organization
27 The Social Problem 
30 Address to an American Congressional Mission
32 Address to the Personnel of the Bank of Italy  
35 Vocation of Businessmen    
37 Production for Human Needs 
41 Address to the Personnel of the Bank of Rome  
44 Address to the Personnel of the Roman Electrical Society
46 Address to the Members of the Conference of the European Tobacco Center


Section II: 1951-1953

48 Church’s Concern for Economic Life  
51 Address to the Personnel of the National Work Bank of Italy
53 Address to the Members of the Association of Engineers and Architect
56 Function of Bankers 
58 Address to the Members of the Convention of Sanitation Engineers
60 To Italian Employers 
63 Moral Law and New Morality
69 Catholics and International Life
71 Allocution to the Personnel of a Personal office
73 Allocution to Italian University Graduates
78 Allocution to the International Society of Commercial Education 
80 American Foundries and Human Values
81 Address to the Participants in the Fourth International Silk Convention
84 Address to Some Certified Public Accountants 
88 Address to the Delegates of the Food and Agricultural Organization


Section III: 1954-1955

91 Population in True Perspective 
92 Ideals for the Master Tailor
94 Pharmacy: An Ancient and Modern Art     
97 The Foundry: Transmuter of Men and Materials
99 To Catholic Publishers 
102 The International Labor Organization  
105 To Hotel Men
108 Accident Prevention in Industry
111 The Savings Bank 
113 Spanish Railroads   
115 Farming: Model of Human Effort    
118 The Catholic Employer: His Mission as Citizen and Christian  
122 The Petroleum Industry and Human Relations   
126 The Motion Picture Industry 
136 Labor’s Right to Organize 
140 The Tobacconist 
142 The Ideal Film—Instrument of Elevation, Education and Betterment     
154 Food, Agriculture, and Human Solidarity        


Section IV: 1956

158 The Small Business Manager 
161 Business and the Common Good    
165 Human Relations in Industry 
167 Glass Industries and the Transfiguration of Work  
168 Distribution of Food Products
172 Economics and Man   
177 Toward Conquest of Outer Space
181 On Taxes 
184 Small Business in Today’s Economy
188 Union of Technology and Art in Auto Design
190 Marxist Threat to an Italian Community


Section V: 1957

195 Planning for Transition to Automation
200 Nuclear Energy and Its Use  
203 The Christian and the World Community  
208 Poverty, the State, and Private Initiative 
213 Automation: Its Problems and Its Prospects  
222 European Union 
225 Problems of Transportation
227 Toward a European Federation 
231 Moral Problems in Fashion Design 
244 The Farm Problem  


Section VI: 1958

247 Allocution to Bavarian Innkeepers
248 Allocution to the Business Executives of the Chemical Industry
251 Discourse to Workers in the Shoe Industry
256 Christianity and Social Progress 
261 Allocution to German Industrialists
263 Discourse to the Italian Federation of Brokers and Businessmen  
267 Discourse to the National Spanish Institute for Social Security
270 Allocution to the Seventeenth International Congress of Apiculture
274 Discourse to the Seventh International Convention of the Gas Industry
277 Allocution to Bookstand Concessionaires in Railroad Stations