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Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Leadership Development

The John A. Ryan Institute works with organizational leaders to engage the practical challenges of institutional life and the spiritual and moral claims of faith. Current collaborations include

Higher Calling Series

The Higher Calling Series examines  the intersection of international business, corporate responsibility, and Christian social thought by bringing in renowned national and international businesspeople as speakers. The participants include  St. Thomas faculty and students and local businesspeople in an interactive format.

Seeing Things Whole

As a leader-based project, the Institute works with the Seeing Things Whole to bridge faith and organizational life through organizational roundtables, leadership retreats and action-research focused on practical organizational issues and cases.

Ctaholic Health Care

In collaboration with the Veritas Institute at the University of St. Thomas, the Ryan Institute is developing materials, presentations and tools that help Catholic health care leaders incorporate Catholic social thought into their organizations.

With an interest in encouraging entrepreneurial leaders to take seriously the challenge of incorporating Christian principles into the mission, culture and management practices of their businesses, the Center engages in research and dialogue with the Economy of Communion in Freedom. Benedict XVI has described the EOC and its member businesses as “a broad new composite reality…one which does not exclude profit, but instead considers it a means for achieving human and social ends.” (Caritas in Veritate)

For over 12 years this well-established series has provided local, national and international speakers to help working people in downtown Minneapolis to reflect on the connection between faith and work.