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Economy of Communion Resources

Economy of Communion Resources

Economy of Communion Resources, Papers and Articles

Building Businesses Embedded in Religious Culture: A Review Essay of Lorna Gold's The Sharing Economy by Michael Naughton

Foreword to Lorna Gold’s Financial Horizons: The Emergence of an Economy of Communion by Michael Naughton

Benedict XVI Encylical: Caritas in Veritate (See especially paragraph 46)

"Economy of Communion on Campus" Linda Specht, in Living City.

The Economy of Communion, a two-part discussion, 2009, in Zenit

"The Economy of Communion in Freedom Project: A Resource for Catholic Business Education" by Linda Specht, Presented at the Business Education at Catholic Universities Conference, University of Notre Dame, June 2008

Principles for Economy of Communion Businesses

"Religious Values and Corporate Decision Making: The Economy of Communion Project" by Luigino Bruni and Amelia J. Uelmen in Fordham Journal of Corporate and Financial Law

"What Is the Economy of Communion in Freedom?" Amy Uelemen, in Living City.