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Summer Seminar: Schedule

Summer Seminar: Schedule

Schedule of Week
 Management Education at a Catholic University

 June 2-6, 1997
 Murray Herrick, 155, 9:00 am to Noon

  "Truth is wrought out by many minds working freely together" (Newman).

Day 1:  History of St. Thomas on Liberal and Career Education (Monday):

 a) Welcome:  Rich Rexeisen and Jeanne Buckeye
 b) Introduction of Participants
 c) Overview:  Naughton
 d) Michael Jordan and George Wilson
  **Readings:  "The Tension Between Liberal Education and Career Education" (updated version) Michael Jordan and "Work, Spare Time, and Leisure" in Only the Lovers Sing Josef Pieper.  Theme:  To retrieve St. Thomas' unique tradition of liberal arts and professional education.
 e) Lunch:  Fireside room
  ** Remarks by Fr. Dease

Day 2:  Present State of Business Education at a Catholic University (Tuesday):

a) Seminar Participant:  Summary of Monday's discussion and presentation in written format (these summaries could be used as the basis to the introduction of collection of papers).
 b) Michael Naughton:
  **Readings:  "Mission and Identity in Catholic Business Schools" Naughton, Bausch and Pierucci and "The Integrity of a Catholic School of Management:  Four Integrating Characteristics" Naughton and Bausch.  Theme:  To examine the present state of management education within Catholic universities.

Day 3:  Nature of Catholic Universities (Wednesday):

 a) Seminar Participant:  Summary of Tuesday's discussion (handout).
 d) Jeanne Buckeye and Don Briel
  **Readings: John Paul II, Ex corde Ecclesiae; John Henry Newman The Uses of Knowledge (pp 8-77 with particular focus on "Knowledge Viewed in Relation to Professional Skill).  This reading is in the small white book.  Theme:  To explore the larger tradition of Catholic education and its relationship with professional education.

Day 4:  Management as a Profession (Thursday):

 a) Seminar Participant: Summary of Wednesday's discussion (handout)
 b) William F. May (Southern Methodist University)
  **Readings:  "The Beleaguered Rulers:  The Public Obligation of the Professional" William F. May.  Theme:  To consider the significance of management as a profession and vocation and its implications for management education.

Day 5:  Business as a Community and Conclusion (Friday):

 a) Seminar Participant: Summary of Thursday's discussion (handout)
 b) William F. May
  **Readings: "Moral Leadership in a Corporate Setting" William F. May.  Theme:  To reflect on the meaning of the corporation in light of the week.
 c) Naughton: conclusion; papers;
 d) Lunch: Rogge Leyden Room
  **Remarks by Msgr. Murphy