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Business Curriculum Project Background

Business Curriculum Project Background

Mission-Driven Business Curriculum Development
Project Background

The Catholic Business Education Project: 3 Stages

This project is funded by contributions from a generous anonymous donor and sponsoring universities. The goal of the project is to explore and deepen the meaning and practice of a mission-driven business education at a Catholic university and to provide curricular materials that reflect this understanding. 


1st stage (2006-2007): A Seminar at the University of St. Thomas in the summer of 2007 examined and reflected on business education within the Catholic tradition.

2nd stage (2008): The "Business Education at a Catholic University:;"The Role of Mission-Driven Business Education" " Symposium  held at the University of Notre Dame brought together faculty from around the world to examine business education within the Catholic University. This conference generated 60 academic papers as well as a platform that provided conversations, discussions, and debates on the principles and practices of a Catholic business education.

3rd stage (2009-2010): The"Curriculum Project on Business Education: Examing the Uniquely Catholic Dimension of  Undergraduate Business Education" Seminar held at the University of Portland has developed  curricular materials that serve faculty to address the Catholic mission and identity of their schools.


Contact Information

If you have further questions about this curricular development project, the phases, or any of the seminars/conferences, please contact:

Michael J. Naughton: Director of the John A. Ryan Institute

Phone: 651-962-5712

Mary Kay O'Rourke: Coordinator of the John A. Ryan Institute
Phone: 651-962-5705