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Puebla Conference: Context (English)

Puebla Conference: Context (English)

Fourth International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education

Rethinking Wealth Creation and Distribution in the Jubilee:

A Double Challenge for Catholic Social Thought and Management Education


July 11-14, 2000
Universidad Iberoamericana
Puebla, Mexico

Context of the Symposium

We are always faced with the dynamic questions of the nature of wealth, its creation and its distribution. These questions, insofar as they affect the human person, challenge businesses and in particular schools of business at Catholic universities. It has been argued that Catholic social thought has under-emphasized the role of wealth creation within the enterprise neglecting an important dimension of human work. It has also been argued that Catholic business schools have under-emphasized the role of wealth distribution neglecting a critical responsibility of their specific mission as Catholic. It is fitting that on the occasion of the Jubilee (the year 2000), we gather to reexamine the role of business organizations in wealth creation and distribution so as to develop Catholic social thought within management education at Catholic universities. To view papers from past symposia please visit our web page: cst/mgmt/research.htm.

International Sponsors/Patrocinadores Internacionales


The following institutions are sponsors to the 2000 symposium/Las siguientes instituciones son patrocinadores de este simposio del ano 2000:

-John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas (US), College of Business Administration St. John's University (US), Universidad Iberoamericana (Mexico), Institute for Work at Seton Hall University (US), International Association of Jesuit Business Schools (IAJBS), Uganda Martyrs University (Uganda), ILADES (Chile), Loyola Institute of Business Administration (India), Loyola College of Maryland (US), Financial Monitoring Centre (Switzerland), John F. Henning Institute and the School of Economics and Business Administration at Saint Mary's College of California (US), University of St. Thomas' Graduate School of Business (US). Advisory committee members are/Miembros de la comisión consultiva: Charles Clark and Michael Naughton (co-chairs), Ramiro Bernal Cuevas, Manuel Rodriguez, Xavier Enriquez (hosts), Gabriel Codina S.J., Patricio Crichigno, Robert Kennedy, Johan Verstraeten, Jeanne Buckeye, Dennis McCann, Peter John Opio, Helen Alford O.P., Lee Tavis, Ernest Pierucci, Paul Dembinski, Mary Maury, Jean-Loup Dherse, Edwin Epstein, Thomas Bausch, Bill Toth, Michael Stebbins, Sandra Gooding, Louis Xavier S.J.

Funding for the conference has been provided by/El financiamineto de la conferecia fue contribuido por:

-The Moss Program for Christian Social Thought and Management, The John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought, The Aquinas Foundation, and the Graduate School of Business at the University of St. Thomas, College of Business Administration St. John's University, and an anonymous donor/y un donate anónimo.