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Goa Conference: Schedule

Goa Conference: Schedule

Third International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education

"Rethinking the Spiritual and Social Life within Business"

International Centre, Dona Paula
Goa, India
January 10-12, 1999

Sunday (January 10):

9:30 Leave Hotels for Old Goa

11:00 Mass at the Tomb of St. Francis Xavier

1:00 Lunch at the International Centre

2:00 Registration and Check-in at the International Centre

3:00 – Conference Room, Welcoming Remarks:

Romuald D’Souza S.J., Conference Host, Goa Institute of Management, India

Michael Naughton, Conference Chair, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.


1) Conference Room:

"Can Management Be a Tool for the Unorganized Rural Population to Emerge out of Their Poverty? A Case Study in Central and Eastern India"
Michael V.d. Bogaert S.J.

"Management and Spirituality"
Louis Xavier S.J.

Chair: Richard Liddy S.J.

2) Seminar Room:

"Beyond Business Ethics: Spirituality and the Quest for Meaning"
Johan Verstraeten

"The Religious Underpinnings of the Marketplace"
William F. May

Chair: Ken Goodpaster

3) Dining Room:

"Contextualizing Spirituality and Work in Africa"
A.T. Dalfovo. S.J.

"Work, Social Structure and Leadership: Spirituality and Economic Reform"
Rafael Alvira

Chair: Peter John Opio

5:15 Break


1) Conference Room:

"Anatomy of Corporate Spiritual and Social Awareness: The Case of Medtronic, Inc."
Kenneth E. Goodpaster/Thomas E. Holloran

"Making Sense of Work: A Spiritual Challenge of Our Time"
Ingeborg Gabriel

Chair: Johan Verstraeten

2) Seminar Room:

"Co-Operative Management as Catholic Business Practise"
Peter Davis

"The Christian Vocation in Business Leadership"
Domènec Melè

Chair: Charley Clark

3) Dining Room:

"Challenges Facing Catholic Higher Education in India"
George Palackapilly S.D.B.

"A Proposal for a New Course on Catholic Social Teaching and Business Decision Making,"
Kishor Thanawala

Chair: Thomas Bausch

4) Lounge:

"Teaching the Profession of Manufacturing"
M.J. Platts

"The Right to Association as Found in Catholic Social Teaching in Relation to Management Ethics"
Marilynn Fleckenstein

Chair: Michael Bogaert S.J.

8:00 Dinner at the International Centre 

Monday (January 11):

9:00 Conference Room

Plenary Session:

John Haughey, S.J. and Jane Seybold-Clegg,"A Managerial Look at a Spirituality of Work"

Respondent: William Toth
Chair: G.P. Rao

10:30 Break


1) Conference Room:

"Spirituality and Work: Asian and Comparative Perspectives"
Stuart Picken

"Cultivating Three Ethical Relationships through Meditation"
Paul G. La Forge

Chair: Jim Spillane S.J.

2) Seminar Room:

"Beyond Risk and Return: Can Finance Extend Beyond Finance?"
Paul Dembinski

"Just Deserts: Catholic Social Thought and the Distribution of Income"
Charles M.A. Clark

Chair: Peter Koslowski

3) Dining Room:

"National Culture and Business Ethics: A Comparison of Australia, the United States, and Ukraine"
Ellen Kennedy/Leigh Lawton/Leroy Plumlee

"Implementing Ethical Values into Business Philosophy and Policy in Polish Corporations"
Alexander H. Krzyminski

Chair: Ray Carey

4) Lounge:

"The ‘Powers’ in the Marketing Professions That Target Children Directly: An Analysis Using Walter Wink’s Powers Trilogy"
Roshan D. Ahuja

"Contemporary Management Theories and Catholic Social Teaching: A Review and Analysis"
Stephen J. Porth / John McCall

Chair: U. Pancras

12:45 - Lunch


1) Conference Room

"The Christian Humanization of Work: Job Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry"
James J. Spillane, S.J.

"Leisure and the Corporation: A Theology of Rest"
Patrick S.L. Flanagan S.J.

Chair: Ingeborg Gabriel

2) Seminar Room:

"Spirituality for Executive Leadership"
André L. Delbecq

"Spirituality in the Academy of Management"
Gerald F. Cavanagh, S.J.

Chair: Louis Xavier, S.J.

3) Dining Room:

"Comfort and Challenge: Developing a Parish-Based Work- Life Ministry"
Joseph Richardson / William Toth

"Motivation, Attitude, Spirituality and Work"
U. Pancras

Chair: Deborah Savage

4) Lounge

"Democratic Global Capitalism with Broadening Wealth Distribution and Support of Finance Capitalism"
Raymond B. Carey, Jr.

"Rural Development that Works: Self-management and Ownership by the Poor of Social and Economic Projects in an Ecumenical Setting in Bangladesh"
William Christensen, S.M.

Chair: Peter Davis

5:30 Leave for Panaji

8:00 Dinner on the Riverboat

Tuesday (January 12):

9:00 Conference Room

Plenary Session:

Michael Jeyaraj, S.J., "Towards An Organizational Spirituality A Call to Solidarity"

Respondent: Louis Xavier, S.J.

Chair: John Boatright

10:30 Break


Conference Room:

"Towards a Spirituality of Entrepreneurship and Management: Discerning the Role of the Enterprise in a Globalized Economy"
Sergio Bernal R., S.J.

"The Relationship of Spiritual Life to Business"
Alfons Taryadi

Chair: William F. May

Seminar Room:

"What is the Meaning of Christian Commitment?"
Patricio Crichigno and Gonzalo Arroyo S.J.

"Corporation, Spirituality and Citizenship"
Peter John Opio

Chair: Juan Fontrodona

3) Dining Room

"A Christian Personalist Perspective on Business and Economic Reform"
Richard C. Bayer

"Peter Maurin as Spiritual Model for the Workplace"
Francis J. Sicius

Chair: George Palackapilly S.D.B.

4) Lounge

"Bernard Lonergan on Work"
Richard Liddy S.J.

"Work as Participation in the Trinity: A Catholic Spirituality of Work"
Deborah Savage

Chair: Sergio Bernal, S.J.

12:45 Lunch


1) Conference Room

"Spiritualism and Management in India"
G.P. Rao

"Spirituality and the Bottom Line: A Human Approach"
Thomas Bausch

Chair: Alfons Taryadi

2) Seminar Room:

"Spirituality and Management: An Example from the Spirituality of Bl. Josemaria Escriva"
Juan Fontrodona/Alfredo Rodriquez

"How Much Transcendence Do Modern Economies Need"
Peter Koslowski

Chair: Domènec Melè  

Dining Room:

"The Reflective (Woman) Executive"
Catherine McNamee, C.S.J

"The Difficult Relations Between the Private Sector and Civil Society: The Real of Social Choices."
Carlos Eduardo Maldonado

Chair: Marilynn Fleckenstein

4) Lounge

"Work and Liturgy"
Helen Alford

"Arriving at the Meaning of Work: Developing a Christian Spirituality of Work"
Michael Naughton

Chair: A.T. Dalfovo

4:00 Break


Closing Session: Courses on Spirituality in the Business Curriculum:

Louis Xavier S.J, Jim Spillane S.J., André Delbecq, Patricio Cricrighno
Respondent: John Haughey S.J.
Moderator: Michael Naughton

8:00 Closing Banquet at the Cidade de Goa

Wednesday (January 13):


Due to various reasons, the following people will not be attending the conference, but they have provided a paper on the themes of the conference. Their addresses are in conference directory. We are planning to have some of the papers delivered by other people depending on space and time. Either way, they would be interested in any comments you might have.

Etienne Perrot, S.J., "Are the Spiritual Exercises a Management Tool?"
Robert Kennedy, "Puzzling Images: Can We Conceive a Management Spirituality Without Faith?"
Manfred Spieker, "Anthropological and Spiritual Aspects of Human Work"

Ray MacKenzie
, "Language and Business Ethics"
Jean-Loup Dherse, "Spirituality and the Business Executive"
Frederick M. Zimmerman, "Industrial Relocation and Social Progress: From Riches to Rags During a Time of Prosperity"