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Goa Conference: Papers

Goa Conference: Papers

Third International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education

"Rethinking the Spiritual and Social Life within Business"

Towards An Organizational Spirituality: A Call to Solidarity
Dr. Michael Jeyaraj, S.J., Institute of Development Education, Action and Studies, Madurai, India.

The Religious Underpinnings of the Marketplace
William F. May

Management and Spirituality
Dr. Louis Xavier S.J.

Beyond Business Ethics : Spirituality and the Quest for Meaning
Johan Verstraeten

Giving Meaning to Work: the Spiritual Challenge of Our Time
Ingeborg Gabriel, Institute for Social Ethics, University of Vienna

Anatomy of Corporate Spiritual and Social Awareness: The Case of Medtronic, Inc.
Kenneth E. Goodpaster and Thomas E. Holloran, University of St. Thomas

Work as Participation in the Life of the Trinity
Deborah Savage, University of St. Thomas

The Christian Vocation in Business Leadership
Domenec Mele, University of Navarra

Contextualizing Spirituality and Work in Africa
A.T. Dalfovo, Makerere University

Can We Conceive a Management Spirituality Without Faith?
Robert G Kennedy, PhD, University of St Thomas

Liturgy: The Source and Summit of our Work
Helen Alford, University of St. Thomas

The Christian Humanization of Work: Job Satisfaction in the Hospitality Industry
Dr. James J. Spillane, S.J.

Spirituality for Executive Leadership: Reporting on a Pilot Course For MBAs and CEOs
Andre' L. Delbecq, J. Thomas and Kathleen L. McCarthy, Santa Clara University

Work, social structure and leadership Spirituality and the problem of employment
Rafael Alvira, Navarra, Spain

Cultivating Three Ethical Relationships through Meditation
Paul G. La Forge, Nanzan University, Nagoya, Japan

Teaching the Profession of Manufacturing
M J Platts, University of Cambridge

The Reflective (Woman) Executive
Catherine McNamee, CSJ, University of St. Thomas

Bernard Lonergan on Work
Prof. Richard M. Liddy, Seton Hall University

Rural Development That Works: Self-management and Ownership by the Poor of Social and Economic Resources in an Ecumenical Environment in Bangladesh.
William Christensen, Institute of Integrated Rural Development (IIRD), Bangladesh.

Contemporary Management Theories and Catholic Social Teaching: A Review and Analysis
Stephen J. Porth and John McCall, St. Joseph’s University

Catholic Social Teaching and the "Right to Organize"
Marilynn P. Fleckenstein, Ph.D., Niagara University

Faith, Hope and Charity: Authentic Habits of a Christian Spirituality of Work
Michael Naughton, University of St. Thomas, MN