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The Call to Justice: Papers

The Call to Justice: Papers

Accepted Papers and Respondents, ordered alphabetically



Kevin Ahern

The Role of International Catholic Organizations in Promoting the Gospel in the “Community of Nations”

Prof. Dr. Everaldo Gaspar Lopes de Andrade

La Dimensión Ético-Cultural del Trabajo Humano en el Contexto del Concilio Vaticano II.  La Redención del Trabajo Libre y del Ocio Criativo en la Posmodernidad

Dr. Javier Aranzadi del Cerro

The Person: Center and Objective of Economic Life

Margaret Atkins

Clarifying 'The Common Good'

Gil Baile

The subject of Gaudium et spes: Reclaiming a Christocentric Anthropology of the Human Person

Sr. Laura Baritz, O.P., and Tamás Kocsis

On Realizing the Principles of Gaudium et spes in a Post-Communist Country: Searching for Christian Entrepreneurs and Roots of Individuals in Hungary at the Time of Globalization

Albino Barrera, O.P.

Gaudium et spes and Catholic Ethics in Post-Industrial Economics: Indirect Employers and Globalization

Michael D. Beaty

Protestant Free Church Christians and Gaudium et Spes: An Historical and Philosophical Perspective

Peter Bisson, S.J.

Gaudium et Spes and Post-Conciliar Catholic Social Practice: Scrutinizing the Jesuit Experience in the Light of the Ascension

Philippe Bordeyne

L’appel a la justice face au desir d’etre plus home.  L’Apport de Louis-Joseph Lebret a la redaction de Gaudium et spes

Oleg Bresky

Perception of Gaudium et spes in Arragement of East Europe

Russell A. Butkus, PhD, and Steven A. Kolmes, PhD

Global Climate Change and the Church in the Modern World: A Sign of the Times

Gregory J. Coulter

Gaudium et spes: Atheism, Culture and Christian Faith

Robert H. DeFina and Barbara Wall

Economic and Philosophical Reflections on Private Wealth

Séverine Deneulin

Amartya Sen’s Capability Approach to Development and Gaudium et spes: On Political Participation and Structural Solidarity

Dr. Bernard D'Sami

The Impact of Gaudium et spes on the Social Mission of the Church in Asia with Particular Reference to Catholic Students and Workers Movements

Peter Alexander Egom

The Economic Road to Justice in Africa

Peter Alexander Egom

Response to Daniel Finn and Salvador June P. Lalisan

Roberto M. Estévez - Spanish | English

Cultura, Valor de la Cultura y Crisis de la Cultura

Christine M. Fletcher

Trinitarian Theology, Equality, and Social Ethics: A Study of Sayers and LaCugna

Raphael Gallagher, C.Ss.R.

From Concilar Test to Moral Contexts: The Methodological Challenge of Gaudium et spes

Stefano Alberto & Alessandro Gamba

Justice and Justification: The New Life in Christ

Mateo Garr, S.J.

Gaudium et spes and the Struggle for Human Rights in Peru

Sean Healy, S.M.A. and Brigid Reynolds, S.M.

Rooting the Catholic Social Thought Perspective in the National Consciousness and in the Development of Social Policy: An Irish Experience

Peter J. Henriot, S.J.

A Church in the Modern World of Africa: The Zambian Experience

Douglas V. Henry

Why We Can't Wait - Freedom, the Protestant Free Church, and Gaudium et spes

Dr. Peter E. Hodgson

Energy for the People of the World: Reflections on Gaudium et spes

Sheila Hollins

Forgotten People – Examining Issues of Justice and Social Inclusion with Respect to People with Intellectual Disabilities

Thomas Hong-Soon Han

Ecological Solidarity Between Catholicism and the Asian  Religions

Prof. Mag. Ernest König

Contribution of the Conference of International Catholic Organizations (CICO)

Salvador June P. Lalisan, Ed.D.

The Couples for Christ Movement: A Model for Authentic Social Action Grounded Within the Framework of Catholic Social Doctrine

Alejandro Llorente

Algunos Aspectos del Pensamiento Sobre el Don Como Camino Necesario de la Economía Reflexiones a la Luz de Gaudium et spes 35

David B. Lowry and S. Prakash Sethi

Creating a Just Society in an Economically and Technologically Integrated World: The Role of the Church in Social and Economic Justice in the 21st Century

Daniel R. Lynch

Technology and Catholic Social Thought

E. Malinvaud

The Duty of Democracies to Care More About Intergenerational and International  Solidarities

Laurent Marbacher

Gaudium et spes: An Invitation to Dialogue with the World

Marilyn Martone, PhD

Gaudium et spes Suggests a Change in Moral Imagination to Ensure the Just Treatment of Women

Martin McKeever C.Ss.R.

God’s Justice? Right reason?  Justice and rationality in Catholic Social Teaching in the light of  Alasdair MacIntrye’s conception of traditions of enquiry

John Milbank

Liberality versus Liberalism

Wilson D. Miscamble, C.S.C.

Gaudium et spes and Catholic Politicians—Some American Case Studies

Jude Njoku
Gaudium et spes and the Changes in Socio-Economic Thinking: Forty Years After

Richard O'Connor, D.D., P.P.
Gaudium et spes: Its Reception

Emmanuel Franklyne Ogbunwezeh

African Poverty and Social Justice: A Socio-Ethical Appraisal of Gaudium et spes vis a vis the Contemporary Socio-Economic and Political Challenges of Sub-Saharan Africa

J.-Robert Ouimet

How Spirituality in Management Works to Reconcile Human Well Being with Productivity and Profits

Roberto Papini

Jacques Maritain e eil Concilo Vaticano II

Nicoletta Parisi and Sabrina Carciotto

International Governance between Participation and Legality

Rev. John T. Pawlikowski, OSM, Ph.D

Gaudium et Spes and Dignitatis Humanae: Are They in Conflict: Reflections in light of the Current Controversy Regarding Catholicism and Politics

Moris Polanco

Gaudium et spes and the Ecological Awareness of Our Time

Charles J. Reid, Jr.

Protection of Rights and the Maxims of the Law: From Gratian to Gaudium et spes and Beyond

Patrick Riordan, S.J.

Civil Society, Popular Political Culture, and the Church

Dr. Stephan Rothlin S.J.

Catholic Social Teaching is Our Distinctive Feature: A Challenge for Catholic Institutions in the Asian Context

William F. Ryan, S.J., PhD

The Legacy of Gaudium et Spes in Canada (1965-1990)

Elizabeth Salas

Person and Gift According to Karol Wojtyla

Richard Schenk, O.P.

Officium signa temporum perscrutandi.  New Encounters of Gospel and Culture in the Context of the New Evangelization.

Michael J. Schuck

Parenting the Church: Mothers, Fathers, and Roman Catholic Social Thought

Sr. Katarina Schuth, O.S.F.

Transmission of the Catholic Social Teaching in Gaudium et spes: The Role of Seminaries in Preparing Knowledgeable Priests

Scott M. Thomas

Whose Development, Which Rationality: Gaudium et spes, Catholic Social Thought, and International Development Policy After MacIntyre

Amelia J. Uelmen

Toward a Theory of Justice within Trinitarian Theology: The Case for Duty to Rescue

Werner Wolbert

“Honoranda atque promovenda” (GS 63) On Respect, Protection and Promotion of Human Dignity