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Papers Presented

Papers Presented

Business as a Calling
The Calling of Business
Los negocios como llamada
La Vocación de los negocios

Fifth International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education

V Simposio Internacional sobre el Pensamiento Social Católico y
Programas de Administración de Empresas

Universidad de Deusto    
Bilbao, Spain    
July 15-18, 2003

Papers Presented

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Tuesday, July 15
Martes, 15 de julio 

3:30-5:00 p.m.
Concurrent Section ISecciones Simultáneas I

SESSION 1 Auditorio

Osvaldo Ferreiro (Spanish Version), La empresa como “llamada”, pero ¿qué empresa? (Business as a Calling, but, which Business?)

Efrain David (Spanish Version),Los negocios como vocación, la vocación de los negocios. (Business as Calling, the Calling of Business)

Respondent:  Gabriel  Andrade
Chair: Pedro Hernandez

SESSION 2 Paraninfo

Juan  Hinojosa, What Is Vocation?

Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten, Reclaiming the Concept of Calling

Respondent: Giacomo Costa
Chair: Peter John Opio

 SESSION 3  Sala conferencias

Mark Bandsuch and Gerald Cavanagh, Work Spirituality: Cultivating the Call the Holiness in Business

Georges Enderle, Is Creating Wealth a Calling?

Respondent: Pete Murphy
Chair: Lester Myers

 SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Albino Barrera, Thomistic Foundations for Business as a Vocation and Perfective Activity

David Griffith, Toward the Meaning of Work in the Works of Austin Farrer: Double Agency in the Economic Setting

Respondent: Christine Fletcher
Chair:  Jeanette Loanzon

5:30-7:00 p.m.
Concurrent Section II
Secciones Simultáneas II

SESSION 1   Auditorio

William  May, Professional Leadership: To What Kind of Calling? (Liderazgo Corporativo: ¿Para qué clase de llamada?)

 David Pastoriza and Iñaki Vélaz, The Vocation of Business Leadership (La vocación del liderazgo empresarial)

Respondent: Nasir Butrous
Chair: Robert Keene

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

John Strain and John Sherrington, Fusion, Fission or Vision: Corporate Values and Personal Conscience

George Ticehurst, Management in a Christian Perspective

Respondent: Dean Maines
Chair: Simona Beretta

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

Dick Broholm, David Specht and Ed Mosel, An Approach to Developing a Working Theology of Organizations

Gary Chamberlain, Business Is Called! From Calvin to Catholic Social Teaching: On Business, Social Responsibility, and the Common Good

Respondent: Jill Graham
Chair: Dennis McCann

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Robert Ouimet, Reconciliation of Profits and Human Wellbeing: Is it Too Late?

Phillip Thompson, The Contrasting Visions of Jack Welch and John Paul II

Respondent: Joe Ruggeri
Chair: David Williams

Wednesday, July 15
Miercoles, 16 de julio  

11:00 a.m.
Concurrent Section III
Secciones Simultáneas III

SESSION 1   Auditorio 

Casturina Jaira da Silva, La carrera personal como vocación en el cooperativismo (The Personal Career as a Vocation in the Cooperativism)

Marta Enciso, Las Cooperativas de Iniciativa Social en el País Vasco: ¿Vocación y negocio? (The Cooperatives of Social Enterprise in Basque Country: Calling and Business?)

Respondent: Osvaldo  Ferreiro
Chair: Aitziber Mugarra

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

John Dalla Costa,  Manufacturing Velcro™: Factoring Soul in the Organizational Balance Sheet

Denise Daniels, Timothy Dearborn, Randal S. Franz, Gary Karns, Jeff Van Duzer, and Kenman L. Wong, Towards a Theology of Business

Respondent: Thomas Bausch
Chair: Surendra Arjoon

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

Jack Flanagan, Chris Rigby, Chris Gardiner and Michael Kelly, Is there a Calling of Business that can be Reconciled with other Callings? The Role of Integrated Mission Management and its Relevance for Business

Christina Clamp, Social Entrepreneurship in the Mondragón Cooperative Corporation and the Challenges of Successful Replication

Respondent: Geert Demuijnck
Chair: Daniela Parisi

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Johan Verstraeten, Business as a Vocation or the Vocation of Being Christian in Business: How Faith Makes a Difference

Zachary Calo, Business and the Development of the Human Personality: A Theme in the Thought of John A. Ryan

Respondent: George Schultze
Chair: Sr. Olivia, A.C.

SESSION 5   Sala 110

Jim Murphy, The Foundation of Business Ethics: The Morality of Bargaining

Antonio Argandoña, What Does Catholic Add  to Business as a Vocation?

Respondent: Jim Wishloff
Chair: Katerina Schuth

9:00 a.m.
Concurrent Section IV
Secciones Simultáneas IV

SESSION 1   Auditorio

Gabriel Andrade, El concepto de competencias como marco para un método pedagógico que integre la tradición social católica a la carrera de negocios como una “llamada” (The Concept of Competencies as a Framework to Integrate Catholic Social Tradition into Business Career as a Calling)

Aitziber Mugarra Elorriaga, Responsabilidad Social y Balance Social hoy en España (Social Responsibility and Social Report in Modern-day Spain)

Respondent: Catherine McNamee
Chair:  Manuel Corrales Pascual

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

William Brown, Reflexive Modernity, Technology, and the Nature of Work

Lester Myers, Faithful Professions, Stewardship, and Social Accountability: A Critique of the Regulation of the American Accounting Profession According to Substantive Principles of Catholic Social Thought

Respondent: John McCall
Chair: Bob Miller

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

William Toth and Richard Liddy, The Entrepreneurial Calling: Perspectives from Rahner and Lonergan

Donna Altimari-Adler, Making Leisure for Culture Through the Cultivation and Democratic Distribution of Pure Surplus Income: Lonergan's Economics and the Social Dividend

Respondent: Charles Clark
Chair: Thomas Bausch

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Ameeta Jaiswal Dale, Enron: A Pedagogical Model of Creative Financial Management

Louis Xavier, Pedagogical Models for Training: A Third World Experience

Respondent: Winston Tellis
Chair: Donna Ryan

SESSION 5   Sala 110

Sr. Melanie Di Pietro and Alison Sulentic, Integration of Catholic Social Teaching Into Workplace Law Courses

George Garvey, Business as a Vocation: Some Implications for Legal Pedagogy

Respondent: Ernest Pierucci
Chair: Michael Guerra

11:00 a.m.
Concurrent Section V
Secciones Simultáneas V

SESSION 1   Auditorio

María Soledad Martínez Kasten, Una propuesta educativa desde B. Lonergan para orientar los procesos de vinculación de las empresas y organizaciones (An educative proposal from B. Lonergan to orient the relationship between the university and the business enterprises and organizations)

 Joseba Azkarraga, Modernidad y Cooperativismo. Una mirada a la cultura cooperativa de Mondragón (Modernity and Co-operativism. An insight into Mondragón co-operative culture)

Respondent: Casturina Jaira da Silva
Chair: José Sols

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

Richard O’Connor, Rethinking Vocation in Business

Doug Foster, Some Difficulties of Contemporary Catholic Engagement with Critique and Business Management—but a Possibility for a New Vocation?

Respondent: Gerhard Droesser
Chair: Nasir Butrous

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

Andre Delbecq, Business Leadership as a Spiritual Calling: Pedagogical Approaches and Spiritual Journeys of Silicon Valley MBAs

Jack Ruhe and Ron Nahser, Pedagogical Models and Practice

Respondent:  Louis Xavier
Chair:   Johan Verstraeten

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Bill Quigley, Catholic Social Teaching and the Amorality of Large Corporations: Time to Abolish Corporate Personhood

Manfred Spieker, Profit and Common Good: The Calling of the Entrepreneur

Respondent: Kevin Schmiesing
Chair: Thomas Hongsoon Han

1:00 p.m. 
Plenary Session
Sesión Plenaria

Engaging the Faith of the Student in the Catholic Business School: Providing Curricular Models (Integrando la fe del estudiante en la Escuela Católica de Negocios: Proveer modelos curriculares)

Panelists: Simona Beretta, Robert Kennedy, and Ramiro Bernal
Moderator: Ernest Pierucci

Friday, July 18
Viernes, 18 de julio

8:30 a.m.
Concurrent Section VI
Secciones Simultáneas VI

SESSION 1   Auditorio

Manuel Corrales Pascual, ¿Vocación a la empresa en la postmodernidad? (Calling to business in Postmodernity?)

Angelo Caloia, El emprendedor social (The Social Entrepreneur)

Respondent: Jaime Loring
Chair: Marilina Colella

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

Jeanette Loanzon, Listening, Leadership and Livelihood among Grassroots Women: Managers Learning Social Teachings of the Church in a Catholic University

Peter John Opio, The Vocation of Business and Poverty: A Civil Society Perspective

Respondent: Kathylene Siska
Chair: Charles Clark

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

Dennis McCann, Business as a Vocation: A Catholic Contribution toward a Global Ethic

Hendrick Opdebeeck, Business as a Spiritual Calling in an Era of Globalisation: The Perspective of the Wealthy Young Man

Respondent:  Robert Kennedy
Chair: Hans Dirk van Hoogstraten

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

Jane Seybold-Clegg and Ambrose A. Clegg, Jr. with Jacquie Gailey, A Model for Teaching Decision-Making Skills in Business with St. Ignatius’ Rules of Discernment

John Fontana and Allen Gustafson, At The Crossroads of Faith and Work: A Pastoral Strategy for Linking the Church, the Workplace and the University

Respondent: Sr. Olivia, A.C.
Chair: Robert Gillis

10:15 a.m.
Concurrent Section VII
Secciones Simultáneas VII

SESSION 1   Auditorio

Anjel Mari Errasti,  Internacionalización de las cooperativas de Mondragón (Mondragón Cooperatives and Globalization)

Dionisio Aranzadi, El significado de la experiencia cooperativa de Mondragón (The Meaning of the Cooperative Experience of Mondragón)

Respondent: Efrain David
Chair: Juan Hinojosa

SESSION 2   Paraninfo

Regina Wentzel Wolfe and Shirley Roels, Roman Catholic and Protestant Perspectives on Business as a Calling: Managerial Leadership in the Corporate Sphere

Thomas Hong-Soon Han, Business as a Calling in Korea

Respondent: Jim Platts
Chair: Jill Graham

SESSION 3   Sala conferencias

Joan Coffey, Léon Harmel and the Factory at Val-des-Bois, France: Spirituality in the Workplace

José Sols, The Call of the Kingdom of God and the Call of Business—The Testament of Igancio Ellacuría, S.J., a Basque Martyr in El Salvador

Respondent: Michael Guerra
Chair: Alison Sulentic

SESSION 4   Salón de grados

David Herrera, Economic and Social Justice at Mondragón and Catholic Social Thought

William Christensen and Jose Eizaguirre, Corporate Globalization Versus Third World Development and the Mondragón Model

Respondent: Georges Aoun
Chair: Ameeta Jaiswal Dale

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The Lilly Endowment from The John A. Ryan Institute for Catholic Social Thought of the Center for Catholic Studies at the University of St. Thomas and Loyola University, Chicago. Special thanks to Mondragón Cooperatives and the University of Deusto for their support and hospitality.

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