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Papers Accepted

Papers Accepted

Business as a Calling
The Calling of Business
Los negocios como llamada
La Vocación de los negocios

Fifth International Symposium on Catholic Social Thought and Management Education
V Simposio Internacional sobre el Pensamiento Social Católico y Programas de Administración de Empresas

Universidad de Deusto    
Bilbao, Spain    
July 15-18, 2003

Papers Not Presented

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Nasir Butrous and Ellen McBarron, Towards an Ethical Business Focus

Vitali Kandalintsev, The Calling of Business: Outer and Inner Aspects

Alejandro C. Llorente, Vocación cristiana y negocios

John Lunn, Robin Klay, and Vicki TenHaken, Management as a Calling

Catherine McNamee, CSJ, La carrera de negocios como vocación: Experiencias con las clases vespertinas de la Universidad Católica del Maule

M.E. Murphy, Morality and Decisions: Can Business Students be better Prepared?

Giuseppe C. Ruggeri, The Catholic Social Tradition and Business in the Age of the Worker-Capitalist

Timothy M. Tavis and Lee A. Tavis, Managing the Corporation as Community