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BECU: Papers


Business Education at

Catholic Universities

Exploring the Role of Mission-Driven Business Schools

Conference Papers

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Introductory Questions on
Catholic Thought
and Business Education

Plenary Sessions

·        Business Education at Catholic Universities
Speaker: Fr. Robert Spitzer (President, Gonzaga University)
     Respondent: Don Briel (Director, Center for Catholic Studies, University of St. Thomas) 

Concurrent Sessions

Teaching Business Ethics at a Catholic University

Theological Ideas for Business Education


Stewarding and Assessing the Mission of Catholic Business Schools


Understanding the Meaning of Catholic Business Education


Catholic Business Education in Asia and Latin America


Teaching Marketing at a Catholic University


Teaching Finance at a Catholic University

·        Quentin Dupont, S.J., The Catholic Mission in Finance Curricula: Towards Ethically-Grounded Finance

·        Adrian Cowan, Student Managed Portfolios in an Environment of Faith

Respondent: Helen Costigane, SHCJ


Entrepreneurship and Catholic Business Education

·        Linda Specht, The Economy of Communion Project as a Resource for Catholic Business Education

·      Christian Weber,  An “Entrepreneurial” Approach to Teaching Economic Development: Motivations and Methods

Respondent: Robert Gaffney


Teaching Economics at a Catholic University

·      Andrew Yuengert, Two Barriers to Moral Agency in Management Education

·      Dean Peterson and David Carrithers, Integrating a Social Justice Perspective in Economics Education: Creating a Distinctly Catholic Education (Five Page Summary)

                        Respondent: Charles Clark


Teaching Business Ethics at a Catholic University

·        Greg Beabout, How Might a Philosopher Teach Business Ethics in a Manner that Helps Students Identify and Develop the Character Traits of an Excellent Manager?

·        Geert Demuijnck, Teaching Business Ethics in European Catholic Business Schools. How Christian Values May Interest Students if not Announced as Such

Respondent: Andre Ata Ujan


Purpose of Business: Engaging Students on the Legal and Theological Meaning of Business

·        Lyman Johnson, Educating Christian Business Managers About Corporate Purpose: A Role for Law (and Lawyers)

·        Deborah Savage, Affirming the Purpose of Business: The Intellectual Conversion of the Business Student

Respondent: Steve Cortright


The Role of Service Learning within Catholic Business Education

·       Winston Tellis, Catholic Social Teaching and Technology? A Service Learning Course at the Dolan School of Business

·      Steve Conroy, Using Immersion Experiences and Community Service Learning  to Promote the Principles of Catholic Social Teaching in an Economics Course

Respondent: Mark Barnard


The Role of Faculty in Promoting Mission-Driven Catholic Business Education

·      Jeanne Buckeye, A Business Faculty Perspective on Catholic Mission, Identity and Social Principles (Five Page Summary)

·      Ray Fitz, S.M., Developing Capacity for Integrating Business Education with the Catholic Social Tradition

·      Doug Gambrall and Mark Newcomb, A Tenured Faith and an Adjunct Faculty: Successes and Challenges in Instructor Formation at Catholic Colleges that Offer Business Programs in an Accelerated Format

Respondent: George Garvey


Current Status of Mission at Catholic Business Schools

·        Joseph Phillips and Teresa Ling, Mission Statements—Do They Matter?

·        Steve Porth, John McCall and Joseph DiAngelo, Business Education at Catholic Universities: Current Status and Future Directions

·        Todd Palmer and Charles Coate, The Transformative Faith-based Education Mission and One School’s Journey to Become a Franciscan Institution (Five Page Summary)

Respondent: Robert Till


Moral Formation of Students at Catholic Business Schools

·        Catharyn Baird, Christina McCale and Aimee Wheaton, How Ought We to Live? Exploring Values Without Prescribing Values: Management, Marketing and Public Policy Classroom Experiences

·        Jessica Warnell, Annie Cahill Kelly and Jay Brandenberger, Business Education and Moral Learning:  A Three-Year Longitudinal Study

·        Brian Schmisek, Rob Walsh and Dale Fodness, The Search for Identity: Emergent Catholicity in the Modern Business School

Respondent: Helen McCullough


Teaching Business Ethics at a Catholic University

·        Marilise Smurthwaite and Douglas Racionzer, St Augustine College of South Africa: Notes on Incorporating the Catholic Social Tradition in Business Ethics Education (Five Page Summary)

·        Scott Kelley, Jack Ruhe and Ron Nahser, Pragmatic Inquiry in Business Ethics: Synthesizing Business and Vocation in Service of the Common Good (Five Page Summary)

Respondent: Thomas Bausch


Teaching Business Ethics at a Catholic University

·        Mark Bandsuch, S.J. The Who, What, Where, When and How of Teaching "Catholic" Business Education at a Catholic University

·       Joan Fontrodona, Manuel Guillen and Alfredo Rodrigue-Sedano, Ethics and Ethical Theories: A Road Map for Teaching Ethics in Business School

                 Respondent: Fr. William Kaggwa

Teaching Management at a Catholic University

·        John Gallagher, The Reframing of a Business Discipline: Can Strategic Management be Made Catholic?

·        Declan Murphy and Molly Pyle, How Catholic Spirituality Can Strengthen Emotional Competence in Managerial Situations

Respondent: Perry Devanesan

Dealing with Poverty and Globalization within the Business School Curriculum

·       Gerald Cavanagh, S.J., Jeanne David and Si Hendry, S.J., Business Environmental and Workplace Reporting and Activities and CST: A Practice-based Approach to Education about Catholic Social Thought

·      Brian Toyne, Zaida Martinez and James Ball, Globalization: A Connecting Theme for Catholic Business Education

Respondent: Jose Sols


Integration of the Business School into the Larger University

·        Maura Donahue and Kelly Johnson, Lost in Translation…or in Cultural Differences

·       Molly Pepper, Michael Hazel and Linda Tredennick, Catholic Education in a Parallel Universe: Postcards from a Business School 

                 Respondent: David Krueger


Teaching Accounting at a Catholic University

·        Athar Murtuza, Theresa Henry and Renee Weiss, Integrating GAAP, the Common Good, & Taqwa in Accounting Curricula: An Interfaith Approach (Five Page Summary)

·        Brian Shapiro, Theological Perspectives on the Objective and Subjective Dimensions of the Good Accountant

Respondent: Kevin Misiewicz


 Teaching Business Ethics at a Catholic University

·        James Weber and Virginia Gerde, Mission-driven Business School Education at a Catholic University: The Role of Ethics and Sustainability in Curriculum Development, Faculty Recruitment and Extracurricular Activities  (Five Page Summary)

·        Daniel Lynch, Natural Resources in the Boardroom

Respondent: John Burke


Business and Liberal Education at a Catholic University

·        Ernest Pierucci, Restoring the Broken Image: The Centrality of the Subjective Dimension of Labor and Liberal Education in Catholic Business Education (Five Page Summary)

·      Wolfgang Grassl, The Study of Business as a Liberal Art? Toward an Aristotelian Reconstruction

Respondent: Patricia Johnson


Ignatian Contributions to Catholic Business Education

·        Richard Keeley,  Arresting ‘The Hot Pursuit of Gain’: The Challenge of a First-year Curriculum for Business Students

·        Manuel Dy and Antonette Palma-Angeles, How Jesuit is AGSB (the Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business)

·        John Workman, Exploring the Potential of a Wiki to Support Catholic and Jesuit Identity (Five Page Summary)


Identity Questions: Using a University’s Religious Charism to Discern

·   John Bunch, Catholic Social Teaching, Virtue Ethics and the Rule of St. Benedict: A Framework for Teaching Applied Ethics based on the Benedictine Tradition of Catholic Social Teaching at Benedictine College (Five Page Summary)

·   Michael Russell, Examination of Current Practices used in Business Schools at Franciscan-based Catholic Colleges to Integrate Franciscan Values in the Curriculum

Respondent: P.M. Mathew


Opportunities and Challenges of New Catholic Business Schools

·        Mario Molteni, The ALTIS experience: A new Business School, ALTIS (Postgraduate School   Business & Society) of the Catholic University of Sacred Heart

·        Sr. Hellen Bandiho, The Challenges Faced by Business Schools within Newly Founded  Catholic Universities: The Case of Tanzania

Respondent: Michal Michalski


Papers accepted but not presented

·      Cristián del Campo, SJ and Osvaldo Ferreiro, The Challenge of Translating Catholic Social Values in Business Education


·        John Kevin Doyle and Christine Fletcher, The Benedictine Tradition, Catholic Social Teaching and the Misson of Business Education in the Catholic University  


·        Catherine Giunta,  Catholic Education in Higher Education Business Courses


·         Mary Henderson and Megan Kalina, A Model for Integration of Catholic Social Teaching: Sharing Across Disciplines


·        Patricia Johnson, Cultivating Practical Reasoning

·        John Little, The Human Person-The Heart of Business 


·        Michal Michalski, Catholic Business Education-The Missing Link in the Transformation of Polish Economy


·        Robert Till and Patricia Smith, OSF, Business Education at Catholic Universities