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Antwerp Conference: Papers

Antwerp Conference: Papers

Directory of Conference Papers 



1997 Conference Opening Address
Dr. Michael Naughton (Theology and Management, Unviersity of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"Does Finance Have a Soul"
Antoine de Salins (French Treasury)

"Good Faith and Profit Maximization"
James Gordley (Professor, Boalt Hall School of Law, University of California) and a response to James Gordley by Michael Ambrosio.

"The Catholic Social Tradition and the Purpose of the Corporate Enterprise"
Jean-Yves Calvez, SJ (Professor, Centre Sevres C.E.R.A.Sl, France)

"The Universities of Christian Inspiration and the Catholic Social Thought Confronting the New Millennium"
Xabier Gorostiaga, SJ (Rector, Universidad Centroamericana, Nicaragua)

"The Virtue of Solidarity and the Theory of the Firm"
Robert Kennedy (Management, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"The Purpose of Business: Working Together for the Common Good"
Helen Alford, O.P. (Social Sciences, Angelicum, Italy)

"The Contractual Theory of the Firm as a Normative Business Ethic and its Relationship to Roman Catholic Social Teaching on Economic Life"
John R. Boatright/Michael J. Schuck (Management/Theology, Loyola University, Chicago, U.S.A.)

"A Social Property Ethics for the Corporation In Light of Catholic Social Thought"
Ernest Pierucci/Michael Naughton/Charles Clark (Law, John F. Henning Institute, Saint Mary's College of California, USA/Theology and Management, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"Corporate Governance and Social Ethics: How to Face Cultural Diversity"
Philip J. Chmielewski, SJ (Religious Social Ethics, Loyola University, Chicago, U.S.A.)

"Centesimus Annus and a Multi-Disciplinary Perspective on the Nature of the Firm"
Jef Van Gerwen, SJ (Theology, Universitaire Faculteiten Sint-Ignatius, Belgium)

"Individual and Corporate Responsibilities in the Social Teaching of the Church"
Domenec Mele/ Juan Fontrodona (Business Ethics, International Graduate School of Management, University of Navarra, Spain)

"Selling Dreams: Catholicism and the Business Communicator"
Ray MacKenzie (Business Communication, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"Economic Theory and Catholic Social Thought"
Charles Clark (Economics, St. John's University, U.S.A.)

"The Challenge of Management-Employee Cooperation in the U.S."
Stewart Herman (Theology, Concordia College, U.S.A.)

"Interdisciplinary Models: A Note for Conversation"
Stewart Herman (Theology, Concordia College, U.S.A.)

"Greed's O.K. Actually"
M.J. Platts (Engineering, University of Cambridge, England)

"About Neoliberalism: Responding to the Challenge"
Roberto Horta Berro/Andres Jung (Business, Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Uruguay)

"Theoretical Foundations of Interactive Leadership in Catholic Social Teachings"
Mary Elsbernd (Theology, Loyola University, Chicago, U.S.A)

"Leadership as Covenant, Charism and Communion"
Deborah Savage (Management, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"New Roles for Microeconomic Theory to Play in Management Education"
Joseph W. Ford/Charles F. O'Donnell (Business, Iona College, U.S.A.)

"Human Nature, Business Decisions and Catholic Social Thought"
Gerald Alonzo Smith (Economics, Mankato State University, U.S.A.)

"Catholic Social Teaching in Management Education: Whose Responsibility?"
Catherine McNamee, SCJ (Senior Scholar in Residence, University of St. Thomas, U.S.A.)

"From Industrial Revolution to Electronic Revolution: The Postmodern Challenge to Catholic Social Thought in the Catholic University"
Edward J. Holland (Theology, St. Thomas University, U.S.A.)

"Promoting Justice in the International Economy: Role of the Church, Government and Business"
Kishor Thanawala (Economics, Villanova University, U.S.A.)

"Labor, Property and Co-Determination: Guidelines of the Christian Social Teaching and Experiences in Germany"
Manfred Spieker (Institut fur Katholische Theologie, Germany)

"Religion, Spirituality and Business Decision-Making: A Preliminary Investigation"
Stephen J. Porth (Management, St. Joseph's University, USA)

"The Church and Economic and Social Change"
Owen Nankivell/Kenneth Wilson (Executive Director, The Hinksey Centre, England)

"The Purpose of Busines and the Human Good"
Patrick Riordan (Philosophy, The Milltown Institute of Theology and Philosophy, Ireland)

"Virtue-Ethics as a Foundation for Business Ethics: A 'MacIntyre-Based' Critique"
John Dobson (Finance, California Polytechnic State, USA)

"A Spirituality of Work for the Hospitality Industry"
Jim Spillane, SJ (Business Ethics, Sanata Dharma University, Indonesia)

"Globalization Process and Social Responsibility of South American Firms"
Patricio Crichigno (Management, ILADES, Chile)




"Corporate Governance: A Natural Law Perspective"
Michael Ambrosio/William Toth (Law/Thelogy, Seton Hall University, U.S.A.)

"The Moral Issues in Allocating Enterprise Resources"
Lee A. Tavis (Finance, University of Notre Dame, USA)

"Hunger in the World: A Call to Love"
Jean-Loup Dherse (Executive, Caux Roundtable, France)

"An Integrated Pedagogical Model for Teaching Business Ethics"
Louis Xavier, SJ (Business Administration, Loyola College, India)

"The Principles of Catholic Social Thought as a Foundation for Sustainable Competitive Advantage"
Thomas Bausch (Management, Marquette University, USA)

"Work: Diffusion of Catholic Social Thought to Entrepreneurs, Executives, University Students and the Public in General"
Jaime Pozo Pino (Theology, Universidad Cervantina of Monterrey, Mexico)

"The Responsibility of Catholic Schools Regarding Management Theory and Practice"
Julio Teran Dutari, SJ (President, International Federation of Catholic Universities and Colleges, Ecuador)

"Changes in the Composition of the American Household: How Marketing Professionals View the Family"
Bob Ahuja (Marketing, Xavier University, USA)

"Recovering Religion's Prophetic Voice for Business Ethics"
Martin Calkins, SJ (Theology, University of Virginia, USA)

"From Ethics to Meaning: A Phenomenological Contribution of Max Scheler and John Paul to the Debate on Organizational Transformation"
Peter John Opio (Theology, Uganda Martyrs University, Uganda)

"Catholic Social Principles: A Systematic Framework for Business Ethical Decisions"
Albino Barrera, OP (Economics, Providence College, USA)

"Layoff Obligations of Employers and Catholic Social Thought"
John McCall
(Philosophy, St. Joseph's University, USA)