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Practical Wisdom Papers

Practical Wisdom Papers


The Business of Practical Wisdom


An Exploration of Virtue and Business within the

Catholic Social Tradition 


Papers Presented 


Catholic University

Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany

Episcopal Seminary

September 24-26, 2009


Prof. Dr. André Habisch Cath. Univ. Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

Opening Remarks


Session 1

 Fr. Dermot Tredget, OSB, UK

Practical Wisdom and Discernment in the Rule of Benedict


Prof. Dr. Steve Cortright, St. Mary’s College of California and  Mr. Ernest Pierucci, Attorney at Law, San Francisco, California

Practical Knowledge and the Arts of Enterprise

                Respondent: Prof. Dr. Simona Beretta, Univ del Sacro Cuore, Italy


Session 2

Prof. Dr. Bob Kennedy, Univ. of St. Thomas, Minnesota

On Being Truly Practical: Why Virtue Matters in Business


Prof. Dr. Fr. Domènec Melé, IESE Business School, Barcelona

Practical Wisdom in the Managerial Decision-making Process


Respondent: Prälat Dr. Peter Klasvogt, Cath. Acad., Dortmund



Session 3

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Grassl, St. Norbert’s College, De Pere, Wisconsin

Business as the Exercise of Practical Reason in the Catholic Tradition


Respondent: Mr. Laurent Montreuil, Société Générale, Paris



Session 4

Prof. Dr. Gilbert Lenssen, Univ. of Leyden, President European Academy Business in Society, Brussels

Practical Wisdom and Exegesis: Beyond Historical and Canonical Concerns  


Prof. Dr. Mario Molteni, Cath. Univ. Milan and Prof. Dr. Helen Alford OP, Pont. Univ. St. Tomaso (Angelicum), Rome

Socio-Competitive Strategy: A Tool to Support Practical Wisdom in the Boardroom


Respondent:  Prof. Dr. Br. Ray Fitz, Univ of Dayton, Ohio



Session 5

Prof. Dr. Charles Clark, St. John’s Univ., New York

Practical Wisdom and Understanding the Economy: The Financial Crisis as a Case Study

Dr. Theodore Malloch, Chairman, The Roosevelt Group, Florida

Doing Virtuous Business


Respondent: Mr. William Brinkmann, Ascension Health, USA


Session 6

Prof. Dr. Alejo Jose G. Sison, Univ. of Navarra

What could we learn from MacIntyre?

Prof. Dr. Fr. Gianni Manzone,

Entrepreneurial Prudence and the Catholic Thought Tradition


Respondent: Dr. Dan O’Brien, Ascension Health, USA