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Laborem Exercens: Additional Papers

Laborem Exercens: Additional Papers

Work as Key to the Social Question
The Great Social and Economic Transformations
And the Subjective Dimension of Work

Gemelli Campus of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Rome)
and Aula Nuova del Sinodo (Vatican City)
September 12-15, 2001



Papers Accepted but Not Presented 

Fernando Fuentes Alcántara, Familia y Trabajo en el Nuevo Milenio

Robert N. Barger and Josephine C. Barger, A Court Case on Catholic Labor Doctrine: Subsidiarity vs. Compelled Union Contributions

José María Larrú Ramos, La Contribución de las ONGs a la Dimensión Subjetiva del Trabajo
(The Contribution of the Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) to the Subjective Dimension of Work)

Koenraad Verhagen, The Potential and Pitfalls Confronting Catholic NGOs in the World of Microfinance (Microcredit)

Everaldo Gaspar Lopes de Andrade, La Dimensión Ético-social del Trabajo Humano en el Contexto de la Sociedad Post-Industrial

Juan Manuel Díaz Sánchez, El Problema Social y la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia

Obiora F. Ike, The Meaning and Dimensions of Human Work in John Paul II's Theology of Human Work: Challenges on Nigeria

Ernesto García, The Double Dimension of Human Work and its Incorporation to the Productive System

Barbara Shank and Kathylene Siska, Catholic Social Work Education

Amita Srivastava, Mahatma Gandhi's Concept of Trusteeship as an Answer to the Social Question of Work and Distributive Justice

Cornelius G. Fetsch, Work as Key to the Social Question

Romeo Ciminello, La sfida tra le grandi trasformazioni economiche e sociali e la dimensione soggetiva del lavoro alla luce della Laborem Exercens

Manfred Spieker, Labor, Property and Co-Determination: Guidelines of the Christian Social Teaching and Experiences in Germany

Pierpaolo Donati, The Changing Meaning of Work: Implications for the New Society