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Student Profiles

Graduate Student Profiles

Who are our students?

A master's degree in Catholic Studies can serve a number of different goals. For students interested in pursuing a Ph.D., especially in the humanities, it provides a coherent intellectual framework for more specialized study.  It can expand your opportunities to serve the church in education or ministry.  It can help you effectively integrate faith and work in your chosen profession or career.  It can also offer the simple satisfaction of personal, intellectual and spiritual growth that is part of the lifelong learning process.

Check out what some of our current students and alumni have to say about the program:

Jared Staudt

Dr. Jared Staudt
Academic Dean
Augustine Institute

"Catholic Studies provided a coherent framework for understanding the Catholic tradition that prepared me well for further studies in theology.  The Catholic vision of culture that it imparted has also greatly enriched my life."

Jennifer Kraska
Executive Director

Colorado Catholic Conference

"As I progressed through my coursework in law and Catholic Studies, I was struck by the many ways the two programs complemented each other.  Many of my law classes would at some point lead to a discussion about how Catholic principles shape the way one might look at certain types of law or a legal situation."

Michael Adkins
Academic Dean
St. Agnes High School

"As a Catholic Studies master's alumni, I am reminded of the importance of 'the great conversation' - and that conversation spills over into my work as a teacher, reintegrating and reorienting a sense of wonder and pursuit of truth."

Ron Snyder

"In Catholic Studies I found a broad curriculum complete with requirements in Catholic theology, philosophy, and history while rich with the opportunity to expand personal interests.  I have been comfortably challenged while motivated towards a lifetime of learning within the humanities."

Erik Pedersen

Erik Pedersen
Graduate Student in Philosophy
Catholic University of America

“The Masters in Catholic Studies allowed me to study medieval philosophy in a deep and critical way, but never divorced from the historical, literary, and theological issues that are so integral to the Catholic mind.  Now that I am working toward a Ph.D. in philosophy, I am increasingly grateful that the specialization inherent in my future academic career will be buttressed by the broad, and even ‘universal,’ program at the Center for Catholic Studies.”

Dianne Johnson

"Catholic Studies, if you pay careful attention, will change you at your core being.  One of the unique features of the program is its practical application.  I have brought much of what I've learned to my profession as a nurse."

Joseph Pribyl
Marriage & Family Therapist
Quo Vadis Therapy Center

"As a psychotherapist, it is essential that I consider how cultural contexts affect the lives of the people with whom I work. My experience in the Catholic Studies program broadened my awareness, knowledge, and appreciation of a culture that is distinctly Catholic and which makes important contributions to the larger culture. This foundation enables me to make unique connections and offer helpful perspectives to my clients, Catholic and otherwise."

Nathan Metzinger
Executive Recruiter

"My coursework has been challenging and enlightening.  It has allowed me to more fully integrate my faith into all aspects of my life while pursuing it at a pace that still allows me to live my life.  It has made me a better husband, father, supervisor, employee, citizen and Christian."