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About the Program

About the Program

Mission Statement

The Master of Arts degree in Catholic Studies is an advanced course of study that provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary understanding of Catholicism and of the Catholic intellectual tradition. The program explores the truth, beauty, and vitality of Catholicism as it has permeated disciplines and cultures throughout time. Undergirded by courses in theology, philosophy, and history, the program explores Catholicism's contributions to world literature, art, music, architecture, law, political systems, and the social and natural sciences. It encourages critical reflection and debate on contemporary and cross-cultural issues related to Catholicism, and it promotes the dialogue between faith and reason that leads to a higher synthesis of knowledge.



All enrolled graduate students should be familiar with UST policies found in the following handbooks:

          Catholic Studies Graduate Student Handbook (PDF)

          St. Thomas Graduate Student Policy Book (Web)  


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