International & Off-Campus Programs

Study Abroad Programs (SABD)
Spencer (International Education) 

The University of St. Thomas encourages students to incorporate intercultural experiences into their degree plans. Study Abroad staff guide students of all majors through the process of choosing and applying for a program that will advance their degree and fit their personal desires and goals.  Students may choose from more than 130 programs in over 40 countries around the world.  Visit the Study Abroad web site for current program options, application deadlines, scholarships and health and safety information:

Short-term Off-Campus Programs

The University of St. Thomas offers a number of two- to six-week, faculty-directed programs during January, spring break and summer terms. January Term programs are sponsored by the University of St. Thomas, program partners or UMAIE, a seven-member consortium of schools in the Midwest. 

Students may not apply for, maintain an approved application, nor participate in a study abroad or off-campus program while on academic or conduct probation. 

January Term Programs

All courses for the following January are announced in February. Enrollment period extends from late March through early October. Topics and locations vary each year.

Spring-Embedded Programs

A limited number of spring courses have an off-campus component ‘embedded’ in the semester, usually traveling during spring break.

June/Summer Programs

Students may study abroad during the summer through a cosponsored program, or by participating in a faculty-directed course (similar to January Term).

Semester & Year-Long Programs

St. Thomas offers a wide variety of semester and year-long programs around the world, including programs sponsored by St. Thomas, cosponsored programs or direct enrollment in a university abroad.

All students must apply for program approval by October 1 for spring semester participation, and by March 15 for fall semester or year-long programs.  The overseas study program must include study of the native language in non-English-speaking countries.

London Business Semester

Business majors and minors study abroad during this annual fall semester program in London. Students take regular St. Thomas business and liberal arts courses, as well as complete the Business 200 Community Service requirement. Priority deadline is the first Friday of December; final deadline, if spaces remain, is February 15. 

Catholic Studies in Rome

Students may apply for fall, spring or the academic year, and live at the St. Thomas Bernardi Residence. Catholic Studies majors and minors may study Catholic social thought, theology, and social justice, as well as introductory Italian language. Priority deadline is January 15th for either semester of the following year.

Partnerships with Universities Abroad

St. Thomas partners with a number of universities throughout the world.  Check with the Office of Study Abroad to see what exchange opportunities are available. 

Participation Requirements for Study Abroad

Students may not apply for, maintain an approved application, nor participate in a study abroad or off-campus program while on academic or conduct probation.  Semester and academic year programs require at least a 2.5 GPA, while short-term programs require a 2.0 GPA. 

Financial Aid

Financial aid in the form of grants, loans, and scholarships applies to the cost of semester and year-long study abroad programs. Students should discuss their eligibility with a Study Abroad Advisor and their Financial Aid counselor in the Office of Student Financial Services.

SABD 300 Study Abroad (16 credits)

Students participating in the University of St. Thomas overseas study program register for this interdisciplinary listing for the first semester they are abroad. Permission from Office of Study Abroad staff required.

SABD 301 Study Abroad (16 credits)

A continuation of SABD 300. Permission from Office of Study Abroad staff required.