Withdrawal and Refund Policies


Students are expected to attend the first class meeting of a course for which they are registered.  Thereafter, regular attendance at classes is expected.  Attendance regulations for specific courses are determined by the instructor for that course. While instructors have the authority to drop a student from a class if the student does not attend on the first day, students cannot assume that this will happen and are responsible for following the appropriate steps to withdraw from a course they do not attend. Non-attendance or minimal attendance of a class does not justify a tuition refund for the course if the instructor does not drop the student from a course and the student does not withdraw using Murphy online or the Add/drop form.  If, for some emergency situation, attendance on the first day is not possible, the student should notify the instructor of the situation by e-mail or telephone.  Students who are absent for a prolonged period of time due to illness should contact the Academic Counseling Office.

Dropping Courses (Withdrawal from a Course)

Students must use the Murphy Online registration system or the Change in Registration form (see the link on the right) to withdraw from a course. The official date of withdrawal from a course is determined by the date the action is taken using the Murphy online system or the date the change in registration form is received by the Registrar’s office during regular office hours. Registration holds placed on student Murphy online accounts during the fall and spring early registration periods will prevent students from using Murphy online to withdraw from courses during these periods and students must use the paper Change in Registration form during the fall and spring early registration periods unless their advisor hold has been lifted.

Conditions Determining Tuition Refunds

Students are responsible for all tuition and fees incurred by registration in a course. Failing to attend or ceasing to attend a course does not constitute a withdrawal from the course. Only the official date of withdrawal determined by using the Murphy online registration system or the by the Registrar’s reception of a Change in Registration form will determine whether a full refund, a partial refund, or no refund will be available based on the date of withdrawal.

Full refund of tuition and fees is made for courses dropped up to the last day to drop a course without notation on record indicated in the academic calendar for each term. For fall and spring semesters, this is the 10th weekday of the semester for withdrawals made using the Change in Registration form, counting the first day of the semester as day one, or the 14th calendar day of the semester, counting all calendar days including weekend days from the first day of the semester as day one, for withdrawals made using the Murphy online registration system.  Please consult the university’s academic calendar for the last day to drop a course without notation on record for January and Summer terms.

Courses dropped between the last day to drop a course without notation on record  and the last day to withdraw from a course without a grade of F or R  (listed in the academic calendar) will receive a notation of W. A grade of W is an official grade and is posted on the permanent record. Since there is no credit for a W, the notation does not affect the GPA. 

Tuition refunds (if any) for dropped courses are determined by the standard refund calendar available from the university Business Office:

Date of Official Drop/Withdrawal

Tuition Refund

Fees Refund

Through the 14th calendar day of the term



 The 15th - 21st  calendar day of the term



The 22nd -  28th calendar day of the term



The 29th -  35th calendar day of the term



The 36th -  42nd calendar day of the term



The 43rd calendar day of the term and beyond



Students should consult their financial aid advisor to determine the consequences of dropping a course on their financial aid award. In some cases, the actual refund, if any, will depend upon such consequences as determined by the financial aid office.

Students should consult the business office for the refund schedule for January and Summer terms.

Withdrawal from the University

Students may withdraw from the university (that is, withdraw from all classes) at any time by contacting the Academic Counseling Office. Students who withdraw from all classes must return any items that belong to the university. Resident students must check out with the floor resident adviser. Tuition refunds, if any, are established by the tuition refund schedule posted in the section on withdrawing from courses, with the date on which the student begins the process of withdrawing from all classes with the Academic Counseling office used as the determining date.

Requests for Withdrawing from All Classes under Special Circumstances

A special circumstances withdrawal request may be made in extraordinary cases in which serious illness or injury (physical health or mental health) or another significant personal situation prevents a student from continuing all of his or her classes, and incompletes or other arrangements with the instructors are not possible.  Tuition refunds under special circumstances are considered only when a student must withdraw from all classes during a term and if granted are prorated on a basis determined by the effective date of withdrawal. All applications for withdrawing from all classes under special circumstances require thorough and credible documentation.

Tuition appeals for students who withdraw from all classes under special circumstances will generally be approved on a prorated basis for the following reasons as long as the appropriate supporting documentation on official letterhead is provided:

  • Extended periods of physical illness of the student (including hospitalization) documented by a signed physician's statement.
  • Extended periods of physical or mental illness of the student's immediate family member (including hospitalization) who is dependent upon the student for support-(documented by physician's statement or other medical support on official letterhead).
  • Death of a student's immediate family member.  "Immediate family" is defined as parents, spouse, children, brother, or sister.
  • Mandatory job transfers (documented by employer on official letterhead).
  • Involuntary changes in employment schedule or military deployment (documented by employer or commanding officer on official letterhead).

Tuition appeals will not be approved in the following instances:

  • Personal errors in judgment or irresponsibility involving transportation, availability of finances, academic ability, time management.
  • Misinterpretation or lack of knowledge of UST policies and procedures as published in the University Catalog and other University publications.
  • Dissatisfaction with course content or delivery of instruction.  (Please note: complaints of this nature should be addressed to the chair of the appropriate academic department).
  • Dissatisfaction with academic progress in course.
  • Appeals of non-refundable fees.
  • Non-attendance or minimal attendance of class.
  • Inadequate investigation of course requirements prior to registration and attendance.
  • Non-qualification, late application, or loss of eligibility for financial aid or scholarships.
  • Non-receipt of mail due to obsolete address and/or e-mail address on file with UST.
  • Student errors resulting in the delay of administrative processes relative to registration or the delivery of financial aid funds.
  • Voluntary acceptance of employment or other activity impacting ability to attend class.

All special circumstances withdrawal requests are reviewed by the Associate VP for Undergraduate Studies and Academic Advisement and Director of Academic Counseling & Special Programs on a weekly basis.  The tuition refund (if any) is based on an approved effective date.  This date is determined by the referenced date in the submitted documentation and the student’s last date of attendance in his/her courses.

In addition, if the special circumstances withdrawal request is approved, a medical administrative hold may be placed on the student’s record, which will block the student from all future registration at UST until the hold is removed by the Director of Academic Counseling & Special Programs. The removal of the medical administrative hold is usually processed only after the student/healthcare provider supplies documentation explaining that the student is well enough to return to the university.

Students may not receive more than one approval for a special circumstances withdrawal for the same medical/health condition.

Special Circumstances Withdrawal Procedures

The following procedure applies to students who must withdraw from all classes for extraordinary medical or other personal reasons.

  • Special circumstances withdrawal requests must be submitted to the Director of Academic Counseling & Special Programs as soon as possible but will not be accepted if submitted later than one year from the beginning of the semester during which the student withdrew from all classes.
  • If you are receiving financial assistance, you are strongly encouraged to consult with a Financial Aid counselor to identify and understand the financial assistance/monetary implications of withdrawing from any given term.
  • If you are an international student with an F1/J1 visa, you must consult with the International Student Services Office to discuss the serious immigration consequences that may result from your withdrawal from UST.
  • You must submit a Special Circumstances Withdrawal form along with appropriate documentation to the Director of Academic Counseling & Special Programs.  Appropriate documentation consists of a letter from your attending health care provider that specifies the following:
    • the date of onset of illness
    • the dates you were under professional care
    • the general nature of your medical condition and why/how it prevented you from completing your course work
    • the date of your anticipated return to school
    • the last date you were able to attend class
  • Appropriate documentation for special circumstances withdrawal for circumstances other than a health condition is dependent upon the nature of your circumstances.  Please contact the Director of Academic Counseling & Special Programs for further information.

  • Appeals that fall distinctly outside the existing criteria are referred to the Special Circumstances Withdrawal Appeal Committee. This committee is comprised of representatives from the Financial Aid Office, Business Office, and Dean of Students Office.  Committee members independently rule on each appeal. Appeals are approved when a majority of the committee decides in favor of the request. Committee decisions are final.

For more information, contact the Academic Counseling Office:   651-962-6300.