Tip Sheets

We have created easy-to-use one to two page tip sheets on a variety of topics for you to download and use during your career development process.

10 Tips for Successful Public Speaking
Career Fair Preparation
Dining Etiquette
Elevator Pitch Guide
Email - Professional Etiquette
Employer Information Sessions, Making the Most of
First Job Dos and Don'ts
Graduate School Generic Letters of Recommendation
Job Applications and Personal Identity Safety
Job Search Log
Non-Profit - Working for a Nonprofit
Out of State Job Searches
Sample Thank You Letter
Twin Cities Career Resources
What You Can Do To Increase Your Marketability


Phone and Skype Interviews
Questions You May Ask In An Interview
Understanding Legal vs Illegal Interview Questions

Online Profiles and Networking

Building Your LinkedIn Profile
Building a Great Student Profile on LinkedIn
How to Make Facebook Work for You
Job Seekers Digital Dirt
Tips for Using Facebook for Professional Marketing

Negotiating Offers

Evaluating Job Offers
Helpful Negotiating Phrases
Salary Negotiation Worksheets
Salary Negotiation

Teacher Education Tip Sheets

Education - 60 Second Elevator Pitch
Education - Buzzwords and Phrases
Education - Post Interview Thank You Letter
Education - Recommendation Letter
Education - Researching School Systems