Teacher Credential Files

A teacher credential file is an essential element of your job search providing the means to transmit commonly-required official papers to potential education employers. To be a candidate for teaching positions a choice must be made from two credential management options.

Credential files can either be managed online through a vendor named Interfolio or self-managed by following directions provided.

To learn about the option of using Interfolio please visit their site. If you choose to directly manage your own file visit the credential management information page or download the Self-Managing Credential Files (PDF) document.

The Career Development Center no longer manages current credential files. If you have an existing file at UST, you can request your file be released to you. You may then upload your file into a self-managed system. To begin, fill out the form Request for Release of Credential File(DOC) and turn it in to the Career Development Center on the St. Paul campus.

Informational Documents

* The Request for Release form is used by alumni to receive a copy of a past credential file that was managed by UST. The University of St. Thomas no longer manages current credential files. See the credential management information page.

Credential File Resources

Request for Release