eXpress for Students

The eXpress Account is a declining balance account available to University of St. Thomas registered students.  The account is administered by the Tommie Card Office, and the account owner can spend the eXpress funds at various on-campus and off-campus locations by using his or her Tommie Card (a.k.a. UST ID).  Students are able to deposit funds to their eXpress Account by using GET Funds - the Tommie eXpress Card Online Management System:

Deposit TypeBenefits & Conditions
GET Funds - Credit Card
  • $50 minimum deposit
  • 5% bonus on deposits
  • $2.00 nonrefundable convenience fee for each deposit

Get Funds - Bill Me
(charge to student tuition account)

  • $50 minimum deposit
  • $800 maximum deposit
  • Student tuition account must be in good standing
  • no bonus
  • in the event the Business Office views eXpress card usage to be excessive or abusive, the Bill Me option can, and may, be deactivated.  Additionally, the University reserves the right to inactivate the Bill Me option at any time for any reason.

 Visit GET Funds at

Use of the eXpress Account funds creates an implied agreement to the terms and conditions as set forth in the eXpress Account Terms and Conditions document, the GET Funds System, and this website. 

Once a deposit has been made to a student's eXpress Account it cannot be withdrawn.  Credits will only be issued on remaining balances of $10 or more when a student graduates, transfers, or properly withdraws from the University.