PLAN AHEAD! Midsemester means its time to clear the shelves!

Every semester, at about eight weeks in, we start to return many of the books that have not been purchased.  The shelves will be getting empty quickly.  If you are in need of any texts, please stop in to get them soon.  We are happy to order you anything you need, just know that you will not have it for a few days.  Plan ahead!

Stop in for a visit, wander through the information in the FAQ's, order gifts from Tommie Merchandise

 Check out all our info on the left.  FAQ's for Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff, Guests ordering merchandise, and Graduation Info

Find out who is in charge of what.  Instructors - need a book ordered for your class?  Get all the information on your campus' buyer.

Check out our hours, contact us and locations to know when and where to find us.  Hours do vary throughout the year, so this is the best place to look.

Order your books for the semester, summer or J-term.  You will find your books at the store where your class meets.

Look on the right for a link to our events.  This could be book signings, buyback dates, or sales. 

Send us an email if there is more information you are looking for, and we can add it!

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Bruce Kramer book event


March 25, 2015, 7pm in OEC auditorium





Buri - Intentional Dating

Available in the St Paul Campus Store

New Publication by Victoria Young

Victoria Young's new book

Available for $34.95 in the Campus Store, St Paul

Available in the Campus Stores for $15.00

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