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Sponsored Events:‌

Sponsored events are planned by members of an external (NON UST) Group and your department considers sponsoring them a good-will gesture.  Sponsored Events are not internal departments co-sponsoring an event that is being planned by members of the UST community.  All Sponsored Events must file and Declaration of Sponsorship and obtain Certificate of Insurance from the sponsored external organization.  Sponsored events also require a designated a UST community member who will coordinate operational needs during the planning portion as well as be in attendance at the event as the coordinator for any UST Operational needs that arise during the event.

If the external orginazation is charging a registration fee for the event;  the event should be considered external and be directed to Conferences and Events Support.


Is my event Sponsored?‌

Process for Sponsoring Events on Campus

Sample Declaration of Sponsorship Form

Letter of Rationale Template

Sample Letter of Rationale