Policies and Procedures for Internal Event Planners

Here is a listing of our Best Practices for Internal Event Planners.


Please Note:
All efforts must be made to ensure that amplified music for dances and events do not interfere with regularly scheduled classes or residence hall spaces occurring in the same building or neighboring buildings/locations of the event.

Outdoor events – have to be done by 9 – 10 p.m. – neighbor restriction; and courtesy notification to the neighborhood. Work with John Hershey and/or Margaret Cahill and Bill Carter for permits if needed.

Indoor events

• Florence Chapel is tied to main Chapel – so both spaces are booked for events with music due to noise issues.

• OEC Auditorium - nights and weekends only

• ARC - with Athletic department – Music/Concerts/ Dances

• MCG- with Athletic department – Music/Concerts/ Dances – last option work with
John Tschida

• ASC - with ASC building director - Woulfe, Scooters and Dances

  • 100 MCN –no amplified music because this is an academic building with classes that run in the evening. 
    Acoustic and iPods in MCH 100 at lecture level as in presentation. (Listening House is on Sunday / no courses / & acoustic )



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