Resources for Gatekeepers

Training Resources:

             R25:                                                25LIVE:

Best Practices for Gatekeepers Links
First Time Gatekeeper  
No Log in Window Fix  
Clearing Cache  
R25 Legend Finding Help
Processing Workflow Processing Workflow
Speedbooking Events Event Wizards
Cancelling Event(s) Cancelling Full Request in 25LIVE
Adding Set up Timelines Cancelling One Date from Series Request
 Set up Report Schedule Set up Report Schedule
 Adding Set ups to Events                     Adding Set ups                                  
 Location Partitions Modifying Set ups
Email from R25 Emailing From Request
‌‌Academic Holds Creating tasks
Favorite SpacesSearches - R25 Searches in 25LIVE
Reports - R25 Room Availability Reports
Email from R25Favorite Spaces Saving Favorite Locations
 Finding Location Data Finding Location Details



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