Event Diagrams

Please print the diagram for the space you are providing placement for your set up needs.
Diagrams are also located in 25LIVE on the Locations Detail tab.

Using Diagram Basics Information below, complete your diagram with the Physical Plant preferred standards.

Diagram should be emailed to diagramsdg@stthomas.edu
or from the [TO] search: Campus Scheduling DG - Event Diagram

Subject line on email should be:   DIAGRAM: (SPACE)(00/00/0000): Event Name
ubject:  DIAGRAM: Upper Quad 8/12/13 Campus Scheduling Services Picnic
     Subject:  UPDATED DIAGRAM: Upper Quad 8/12/13 Campus Scheduling Services Picnic
     Subject:  CANCELLED Diagram:  Upper Quad  8/12/13 Campus Scheduling Services Picnic

All MSL diagrams should be sent to Angela Dzik
Angela will provide a confirmed diagram to the Operational Staff and Catering after you draft is reviewed and confirmed.

Please note: 
Operational Staff do not store diagrams after occurrence, management and storage of yearly event diagrams is the clients responsibility.
Your set up wordage will be entered and stored in your request for reference.
If your set up is limited and only a set up instruction is needed or needs to be updated please submit a change request. 

This email is for diagram management only.


Diagram Basics
Set up Report Schedule
ARC Fieldhouse Full
ARC Fieldhouse East
ARC Fieldhouse West 
ASC Woulfe Hall  
ASC Scooters
ASC Dance
BEC Auditorium
BEC Stage Specs
KOC Fireside
MCH 100
MCH 100 Lobby
MOH 2nd Floor Lobby
MSL Atrium
OEC Auditorium
OEC Stage Data
 OWS (150) Auditorium
SCH (120) 1st Floor Atrium
SCH 2nd floor Atrium
TMH Atruim
TMH (260) Auditorium
Lower Quad Full
Lower East and West Quad
Monahan Plaza and West Quad
Monahan Plaza
Upper Quad
Morrison South