We have compiled best practices and resources in this section to assist you in providing Campus Scheduling Services and University Operational Groups the information we need to ensure your event is successful. However, success depends on your use of the proper systems within a time line that allows for all operation groups on campus to receive, order and schedule services for your event.

Please access 25LIVE via Firefox or Chrome.
FIREFOX is loaded on all UST PC / LAPTOPS  See All Programs if you do not see Firefox on your desktop or start up menu.

Set up needs or updates for locations you already have a request in the system for; are submitted via a change request.

Set up needs for courses or locations not managed in the system are submitted via a Workorder to PHP.

MOBILE LINK :  (Chrome)  25LIVEMOBILE                                   

Log Into 25LIVE  
Requesting an account in 25LIVE  
Finding Help in 25LIVE  
Getting Started 25LIVE  
Clearing Browsers Cache'  
Customizing your Home Tab  
Location Details  
Saving Favorite Locations  
Setting Event Types, Org and Resources  
Monitoring Your Events  
Reviewing Event Details  
Quick View of Events in a Location  
Setting Dates in 25LIVE    
Event Wizards  
 SP Video Conferencing Venues  
MP Video Conferencing Venues  
Change or Cancel an Event   
Event Timelines  
Copying an Event  
Creating Tasks  
Starred Events  
Emailing Event Summary  
Event Description Tips  
Technology Tips  
Event Request Form  
Things to Keep in Mind  
Events with Music  
ALL USER Restrooms  
Parking Services  
UST Catering / Dining Services  

ASC Links:

ASC Planning Packet

ASC Floor Plans
ASC Booking Policies
ASC Campus Way - Info Tables

For additional information please visit our Policies & Procedures and Contact pages.