General Timeline for Wedding Preparation

What needs to be doneSuggested timeframe
Secure priest/deacon and notifiy Wedding Coordinator with information Right away
Wedding Liturgy Preparation Session at UST
(held three times a year)
As soon as possible
Engaged Retreat before wedding 9-12 months
Take Pre-Marriage Inventory (Prepare/PMI) and do follow-up 6-9 months
Secure baptismal certificates 4-6 months
Complete Pre-Nuptial Questionnaire with priest/deacon 3-4 months
All wedding liturgy details finalized – *readings/intercessions, music, ministers, meet with organist 2-4 months
Obtain marriage license (*bring license reduction form) 1-3 months
Wedding program to Wedding Coordinator for editing/revisions, etc. 1-2 months
All paperwork to Wedding Coordinator (the priest or deacon will send this in) 1 month