Jerusalem Farm: Kansas City, Missouri

Dates: March 22-30

Group Size: 2 student leaders, 8 participants

Cost: $550

Quick Facts:

  • Urban farming
  • Get to know the amazing community of Jerusalem Farm

Host Community:

Jerusalem Farm is a Catholic intentional community located in the oldest surviving neighborhood in Kansas City, MO. A two story brick house given by the Sisters of Charity, Jerusalem Farm fosters three pillars of success: faith, hope and love. Built on the four cornerstones of Prayer, Community, Service, and Simplicity, Jerusalem Farm strives to transform our lives and those around us through service experiences, sustainable living, and home repair. The mission of the site is to make ourselves available to the needs of our community and understand how we can serve. Volunteers will feel empowered by the tasks they accomplish and the simplicity in manual labor. They will return home with a sense of achievement and an understanding how we are called to help serve others.

Highlighted Components:

Spiritualty - Jerusalem Farm is a community open to people from all faiths and other Christian denominations. Your week will be centered on an overall focus of God in our lives: how God is calling us to serve, how God teaches us to love one another, and how all our actions can point us to God and call us to prayer.

Community - Jerusalem Farm holds a strong belief of community. During your stay, a community will be created that allows individuals to grow together by creating lifelong relationships and connection through prayer and service.

Simplicity - Volunteers will learn about and experience the importance of sustainability and stewardship of our earth as they are challenged to refrain from everyday luxuries. They will experience a week of being truly present by avoiding all electronic use and focusing your attention on those you are forming a community with and those who you are serving.

Service - You are working with the neighbors of Kansas City and not for them. Focused on rebuilding houses and rebuilding the community, not only will you be focused on creating a lasting, safer living situation for the community, but also creating relationships with those who we assist.

A Sample Week:

Monday: Students will be introduced to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching through an interactive discussion. It is from these principles that we form our community and respond and act to serve in the surrounding community. By building community, we are able to better communicate and organize for a common purpose.

Tuesday-Friday: Jerusalem Farm has a focus on home repair. This includes the construction or repair of wheel chair ramps, decks, roofs, siding, painting, etc. Worksites will be led by a trained member from the Community, and the volunteers will be fully involved with the service. With emphasis that the work is with and for the homeowner; interaction between volunteers and homeowners while at the worksite is strongly encouraged. Other projects may include working at a soup kitchen/food pantry, tutoring youth and any other needs in the community which have been identified by Jerusalem Farm. There will also be work each day in our kitchen and in our garden, bringing on the dialogue of hospitality and sustainability.

Each day will be centered on the four cornerstones that will allow you to create tight relationships with God, the Earth, yourself, and others. By freeing your mind of material things you are able to fully experience what it is to live sustainably and present. Jerusalem Farm will transform you into becoming more in touch with yourself and others around you and further understand the true reason why we are here.

Food, Lodging, and Travel:

The group will drive a 12-passenger van to Kansas City and live and eat meals with the Jerusalem Farm full-time volunteer community.  The group will stay in a large house run by Amate.


The trip fee of $550  includes van rental, site transportation, lodging, work materials for the site, meals, and programmed group activities. Additional expenses not included in the program fee, include: spending money  for souvenirs as determined by the group agreement and food en route to site (~$30).


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