VIA - Where do We Serve?


Adopt-A-Grandparent offers an opportunity to provide friendships and excitement to the elderly members of our community at Episcopal Church Nursing Home. Activities range from coordinating bingo to working on arts and crafts and movie nights.

Los Voluntarios

Los Voluntarios is a service site for Spanish speakers looking to immerse themseles in the local Latino community.  We are partnering with La Oportunidad, Inc., which is located on Lake Street and partners with local schools as well as the Waite House.  We offer a wide range of service opportunities within the Spanish community. 

Boys and Girls Club

After school, many children are left to entertain themselves without the guidance of a caring adult to encourage positive behavior and learning. Boys and Girls Club recognizes both the need for children to have a caring adult in their life and the need for a place that fosters good habits. In response, they provide programs and activities in a positive and safe environment for children to learn, grow, make friends, and have fun. As a volunteer for the Boys & Girls Club of St. Paul, you will have the unique opportunity to be a positive role model in the lives of children. By helping kids with their homework, playing board and recreational games, working on art projects and just simply hanging out with the kids, you will provide leadership in an environment where children are accepted, valued, and encouraged to do their best.


MEDS allows students to volunteer at United Hospital, doing a variety of jobs for the hospital and gaining experience in the medical field. This is a great opportunity for those who desire to work in the health field or anyone who would like to brighten the day of an ill patient. *MEDS is a one-year commitment that is run through the hospital. Please be respectful of time requirements. Questions? Email Abigail House or Matthew Folstad.

Tommie Outreach

The NEW Tommie Outreach is a volunteer site run by Volunteers in Action. Unlike other VIA sites, Tommie Outreach includes monthly or bi-monthly service opportunities that allow all students to participate. For each event, Tommies will be able to register for a specific service event, rather than committing for the entire semester. Tommie Outreach is a perfect service opportunity for that upper classman with the hectic schedule, or a freshman who simply wants to get his/her feet wet with outreach and service opportunities at St. Thomas. So why not register today, and make a difference in our local community?