Campus Ministry announces Year of Social Justice

Campus Ministry Declares 2013-2014 Year of Social Justice

In light of Pope Francis's promotion of social justice and as it is one of the three pillars of campus ministry, Campus Ministry will be giving social justice a particular focus this year. According to the USCCB, "Campus ministry is called to make the struggle for social justice an integral part of its mission." (Empowered By the Spirit) The expressed mission of Campus Ministry at St. Thomas is "to reflect and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this community." This gospel, or good news, of Christ has integrally related personal as well as social dimensions. By reconciling us with God, Jesus Christ heals us both interiorly as well as inter-personally and both dimensions build off and measure each other. It is only in following Jesus's command to love and serve one another as He has loved and served us that we can reconcile with God, and consequently find peace within. And it is only by inviting Jesus into our hearts and knowing Him personally that we are able to fully see the dignity of one another and act in accord with it. Thus, the degree to which we promote social justice in this community is precisely the degree to which we reflect and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the fullness of its personal and social dimensions.

Campus Ministry Events
Other On-Campus Events
Off Campus Events
Staff Reflections
Immigration Reform Reflection
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Campus Ministry Events

Prayer Gatherings for Peace on Saturdays

Other On-Campus Events

Knights of Columbus Pro-Life Rosary

Tuesdays and Thursdays over convo hour from 11:45 AM - 12:05 PM
At the Pro-Life Memorial by Florence Chapel

Throughout this semester, the Knights of Columbus will be hosting a pro-life rosary at the pro-life memorial on North Campus next to the UST Florence Chapel. You are welcome to stay for the whole rosary or only a decade of it. It is perfect for a midday prayer. Please drop by on your way to lunch. All are invited!

Off-Campus Events

Praying at Planned Parenthood

Every Saturday from 9:00 - 10:00 a.m.

If you would like to pray at Planned Parenthood, please text or call Patrick Fisher at (402) 880-6679.  If you have a car and want to go please consider driving and let Patrick know ASAP. We will meet under the skyway at 9:00 am.

Put on by UST Students for Human Life.

Check out our bi-weekly staff reflections

Staff Reflections for the Year of Social Justice

Immigration Reform Reflection:

We all may have different ways of thinking concerning the immigration system in the United States of America. Some argue that an immigration reform could damage the national economy, others that it is needed for security reasons, moreover some argue that it is a political strategy to win votes, etc. It does not matter what our different ways of seeing this issue is, what really matters is that we all agree that we have a broken immigration system in a nation composed of immigrants. Continue Reading

For more information on Social Justice and the themes of Catholic Social teaching follow these links:

USCCB--Catholic Social Teaching

USCCB--Seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching

We will be exploring these themes and principles in more detail in the weeks to come.

Preview of Social Justice Initiatives on Campus

Ongoing media engagement with Social Justice themes and issues

  • eNews, Tommie Media, Website, YouTube, Facebook
    • Eg: Upcoming reflection on the archbishop's "Faith and Immigration Reform" event on Sept 4th


  • March for Life
  • School of Americas

Engagement with Broader Community

  • Educational items and action items
  • Calendar of events with opportunities to get engaged with social justice issues
  • Working with broader community organizations
    • Catholic Charities
    • Catholic Relief Services
    • Students for Life of America
    • United States Conference of Catholic Bishops
    • Catholics Confront Global Poverty
    • Rediscover
    • Minnesota Catholic Conference
    • Catholic coalition on Climate Change
    • Caritas International
    • Jesuit Volunteer Corps
    • Justice Walking
    • Pax Christi
    • Catholic Urban Project
    • Sowers of Justice Network

If you have any questions, ideas, suggestions etc please contact Matt Sweeney (Social Justice intern in Campus Ministry).

Questions about our plans for the Year of Social Justice? Contact Matt Sweeney, Campus Ministry's graduate intern for Social Justice, at