Mission Statement of Campus Ministry

The University of Saint Thomas is a community of learning, faith and service. Empowered by the Holy Spirit, we support and challenge one another to treasure and manifest the presence of God in the world around us.

The mission of Campus Ministry is to reflect and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ in this community. We affirm the dignity of all persons and call others to do likewise by working for justice and peace. Rooted in the Roman Catholic Tradition, we worship as a Eucharistic community. Marked by faith, hope, and charity, we respect and welcome those of other faith traditions. We strive to instill social responsibility in each person and to foster an environment which supports the spiritual formation of all.

We live out the mission of Campus Ministry through our three pillars:

Faith: encouraging the spiritual formation of all, rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ
Community: joining together in prayer, worship, and service
Social Justice: discovering social responsibility and acting to transform the world

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