TOMMIE TRANSFERmation, sponsored by the Departments of Campus Life, Residence Life, Student Engagement and the Anderson Student Center, is a six week program for new transfer students who are first starting their St. Thomas student experience in the Spring Semester. Each week, students and facilitators will come together to learn more about UST culture, traditions, and resources. Students will have the opportunity to talk more about their transition to St. Thomas while becoming more familiar with campus resources and opportunities available to them.   

TOMMIE TRANSFERmation Outcomes:

• Participants will create meaningful relationships with peers and facilitators while creating connections to St. Thomas.

• Participants will be able to articulate their expectations as a transfer student and what they have gained from participation in the program.

• Participants will understand the campus resources that are available to them as they complete their transition to St. Thomas

• Participants will form clear and specific goals about how they will define and achieve success at St. Thomas as well as action plans to achieve those goals.

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