CAM Summer Student Research Guidelines

This document is intended to serve as a guideline for directing student research projects under the auspices of the CAM Summer Undergraduate Research Program (CAMSURP).

Once an approved projects list is in place, an advertisement will appear on the CAM Website, on the UST Jobs Website, and in the Bulletin. Faculty will select students for their projects and forward the student names to the CAM Administrative Assistant.

All students are responsible for making sure they understand the guidelines for working on a project. A progress report is required from the student workers on the announced due date in September. All students and the faculty advisors will sign forms indicating they understand the compensation policy and final report requirement before they can receive financial support for their work.

If a student does not have (an adequate) final report, he/she must submit a statement explaining the lack of a report to their faculty advisor. The faculty member must also provide a summary account of the work done and the degree to which it was of value.

  • Students will be paid by the hour and will be required to complete time sheets. Students will be required to log their hours both on the usual UST time sheets and electronically on the CAM Website.
  • Wage levels will be set using the matrix provided by Human Resources.
  • All timesheets will be signed by the CAM Director. This is a change in previous policy. Students will complete the pink time sheets as they have done in the past. Additionally, as mentioned above, students will be required to log their hours in a timely manner on the CAM Website. Timesheets are due every other Monday to payroll. All timesheets should be submitted to CAM Administrative Assistant the Monday following the end of the pay period. All timesheets will be submitted to payroll in this fashion - no exceptions.
  • At the beginning of each pay period, the CAM Administrative Assistant will place each student’s timesheet in an assigned folder hanging on the bulletin board inside the CAM lab. Students are responsible for keeping track of their timesheets.
  • All completed timesheets will be placed in the folder labeled Completed Timesheets. This folder will be hanging on the bulletin board in the CAM lab along with the other folders. Any time sheet placed in the completed folder after Monday will be submitted to payroll the following pay period (no exceptions).
  • Students cannot work more than 20 hours per week without permission from the CAM Director