Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

Schulze School of Entrepreneurship

Who's in The Lab: Student Business Profiles

The following student and alumni run businesses are operating from The Lab. Others who are interested in applying for space can get more details here. 

Kate Herzog, House of Talents

Office: Room 329 Schulze Hall
Phone: (651) 962-4556

Kate Herzog had a dream. Growing up in Ghana, West Africa, she lived many of her childhood years in someone's garage.  She saw a great deal of poverty and perceived that poverty, combined with lack of opportunity, slowly robs people of their dreams.

Her journey since then has taken her far, from the gift of a good private education, to a post working with cocoa farmers in remote villages, to a job as a business analyst for Deloitte and Touche West Africa, to the development of a Ghanaian beach resort from start-up to award-winning, 3-star status, to work in the U.S. for Target Corporation and the earning of an M.B.A. from the University of St. Thomas.

All the while, Kate promised herself she would go back to Africa to share what she had been given. With the founding of her business, House of Talents, Kate is fulfilling her dream.  Her mission is to alleviate poverty by extending a hand to connect talented artisans in developing countries to consumers worldwide so that, through their own resourcefulness and hard work, they may construct the lives they envision for themselves. She does this for them and for herself. Her belief is that whenever we open our hands to give, we do receive more in return. Her enterprise promotes everyone's well-being.

Kate has items for sale from the artisans in Africa she represents. She has an open store in SCH 329 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays. You can contact her at or (651) 962-4556.

Salome Tibebu, Cognific

Office: Room 327 Schulze Hall

Winning first place in the Undergraduate Division of the Fowler Business Concept Challenge in 2011 provided Salome Tibebu with a $10,000 UST scholarship and the opportunity to turn her concept into a business - Cognific.

Cognific™ is an innovative Software as a Service application which helps young adults undergoing mental health therapy by creating “homework” in game format to help them with their tratment; the software also provides analytics for the therapist to help assess the progress of their patients.

In 2012, Tibebu also won the student division of the Minnesota Cup, an annual statewide new venture competition, which awarded her $10,000 in seed capital.

Dejen Tesfaguirgus, ArtsApps


Since 2008, ArtsApp has worked to help artists and arts organizations communicate more effectively. Their aim is to integrate the academic arts with technology, beginning with our ArtsApp digital audition

Emily Pritchard and Martha McCarthy, The Social Lights

Office: Room 331 Schulze Hall
Phone: (651) 962-4551

The Social Lights help brands create social media strategies that reach and resonate with today’s college students.

Five years ago college students weren’t toting tablets, downloading textbooks or live-tweeting sporting events. There’s been a seismic shift in communications with the abundance of new tech tools, social media platforms, and markedly different social experiences. Today, millions of millennials are entering their prime earning-bearing years….it’s time to start talking to them.

The Social Lights  studied how social is affecting today’s college students and developed social media strategies to help companies get through to collegiate consumers. To date, they've helped over 30 companies craft their social media in a way that ensures delivery of the right message, at the right time—leaving a lasting brand impression on their loyal fans and followers.